12.3 Million Users Login for Fortnite Travis Scott Event

By | 27/04/2020



Epic Games has just set the world record for most concurrent logins in an online game with their Fortnite Travis Scott event.

Held on April 23, the well-known rapper Travis Scott performed live in Fortnite to an audience of just over 12 million Fortnite gamers.

This has beaten Fortnite’s other world record event when dance DJ Marshmello performed to just over 10 million inside the game.

The concert came as part of the latest Fortnite update where Epic Games has been collaborating with the celebrated artist.

Fortnite Travis Scott Astronomical – Official Trailer

Fortnite gamers have been able to get Travis Scott themed items for the Battle Royale game as well as a Travis Scott Fortnite skin.

The performance lasted for around fifteen minutes and included a new collaboration with Cleveland based rapper “Kid Cudi“.

WATCH HERE – Fortnite Travis Scott Performance

Travis Scott is a young rapper who has seen phenomenal success over the last ten or so years in the music industry.

Scott has won numerous awards from the likes of the Billboard Music Awards, B.E.T and Teen Choice but has yet to win a Grammy.

Fortnite Travis Scott Feature
Fortnite Travis Scott Feature

Inside the online game world of Fortnite, a giant-sized Travis Scott could be seen performing surrounded by special FX and props.

The latest boost, however, may have been a clever marketing ploy since the player base for Fortnite has actually been declining.

Since the release of Fortnite Chapter 2, many Fortnite gamers have been dismayed by some unpopular changes to the game, especially eSports professionals.

For example, the familiar island that the game’s fans knew well was replaced by a completely new map following the game’s infamous “Black Hole” event.

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Travis Scott Fortnite Performance
Travis Scott Fortnite Performance

The title also received a graphics overhaul that made it look a little more realistic, something which fans of Fortnite’s cartoonish style disliked greatly.

Epic Games has also been tweaking the game to make it fairer for crossplay matches by removing or changing some control features.

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Fortnite reigned supreme as the Battle Royale title of choice over PUBG and Overwatch, but newcomers to the genre are pulling gamers away.

Call of Duty now has its own Battle Royale game, which is, of course, going to be popular.

Travis Scott Fortnite Skin
Travis Scott Fortnite Skin

But Electronic Arts launched Apex Legends last year, which has skyrocketed in terms of its player base and reached the kinds of numbers in months that had taken Fortnite years.

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However, it could be argued that were it not for the success of Fortnite then other games in the Battle Royale genre may not have been successful either.

The Travis Scott event is available now as part of Fortnite’s latest event and can earn you some cool goodies.

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4 thoughts on “12.3 Million Users Login for Fortnite Travis Scott Event

  1. James

    Can’t believe how popular fortnite is getting these days, it’s actually crazy. I still remember back when skull troopers and John Wicks were the scariest thing you could encounter. Times have definitely changed. Thanks for the interesting read, too bad I missed out on the live show though.



    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi James.

      While this is an astounding amount of people to log in to an online game, the numbers for the concert don’t reflect actual players.

      Rather, this was a tactic by Epic Games to get some people back as the numbers have been declining lately.

      Still, an enormous achievement, so hats off!


  2. Damon Claxton

    That’s insane!! What an ingenious idea by the makers, they really know how to throw a party!
    It’ll be interesting now to see if any other games and producers create a similar thing while the current pandemic is happening.
    Thank you for sharing this incredible event.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      It would be great if more games could do something like this, however, the costs and logistics of putting something like this together makes it quite rare, which is better in a way as that makes it special.



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