A Retrospective Look at the Best Apple Devices for Gaming

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Seemingly dominating the mobile industry since the invention of the iPhone we take a look back at the best Apple devices for gaming.

Apple products have soared in popularity over the past few years.

Everywhere you go you see someone with an Apple iPhone or tablet.

The innovative, stylish and effective products that Apple makes show no signs of slowing down.

Every time a new product is released onto the market fans queue up overnight so that they are the first to get their hands on what is assumed to be an impressive gadget.

Best Apple Devices for Gaming
iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Revolutionized the Mobile Industry – Pexels

A lot of these new models have apps on them, which enable us to play a wealth of games, from Call of Duty to Rolling Sky.

Now that Apple has progressed so much, and done so at such a rapid pace, it can quite often be difficult to know all of the different products they have available on the market.

After all, if you search online via Apple retailers right now, you are assured to be met with a wealth of different choices, making it extremely difficult to make a decision regarding what to buy.

When you’re looking at the products for sale today, such as the Apple Watch or A.R glasses, you might be amazed by the progression.

However, ten years ago, the iPad was blowing our minds.

If we used an iPad from 10 years ago today, we’d probably be incredibly frustrated with the performance.

So, let’s take a look back in the archives and discuss the top apple products from 10 years ago.

iPad with Retina Display

At the time, this was the latest offer from the Apple iPad selection, and it had certainly been well received from consumers and critics alike.

If you are a fan of the Apple apps, you would have had over 275,000 to choose from, with everything from Lucky Mobile slots to gaming apps such as Candy Crush.

Candy Crush Apple
Candy Crush is One of the Biggest Title in Mobile Gaming

What set this iPad apart from the others was the sheer level of performance as it was much quicker than others of its kind at the time.

Moreover, as its name alludes to, the Retina display means that the images are much more sharp and vibrant.

Finally, the product boasted ten hours of battery life and was available in black or white.

We’ve definitely seen major improvements since, right?

MacBook Air

Laptops have become an essential part of most people’s everyday life.

Individuals often take their laptop to work or university or on their travels.

A long train journey is made easier when you can open up your laptop and play The Sims.

The Sims Promotion
The Sims is a MacBook Favorite

The only issue is, as with most laptops, they are heavy, clumpy and don’t have substantial battery life.

Finally, however, all our problems were answered with the MacBook Air.

Extremely light and unbelievably thin, we kissed goodbye to great difficulty when carrying it around all day.

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Nevertheless, it was not a mere notebook – it had enough battery life to get an individual through a full day and it also boasted a wealth of memory as well as being extremely fast.

That’s without even mentioning all the other cool additions such as the FaceTime HD camera.

iPod Touch

With the boom in apps, the proliferation of social media and the desire to have a wealth of your favorite songs stored in one place.

There really was no better gadget for the modern world than the iPod Touch.

Apple iPod Touch
iPod Touch Combined the Best of Both Worlds

Visiting somewhere exciting? Take a picture, upload it to your Instagram account and share via Twitter or Facebook.

Feeling bored? Play one of your favorite games via download from the Apple App Store.

Going for a jog? Don’t do it alone, take your iPod Touch to accompany you with thousands of feel-good energetic songs.

All of these things seem pretty standard today, but it was these three devices that revolutionized the mobile device market as we know it today.

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  1. Rick

    Is it is nice to look back at where we came from and the products that helped to shape us. The iPod was my favourite because it was the first time I could take something along with me on a run that wasn’t bulky to carry. Apple has come out with a lot of good products over the years.


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