Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies on PC Currently Unplayable

By | 19/06/2019
Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies on PC Currently Unplayable



Players of the original Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies mode have not been able to access the game for a week.

The amazingly popular online Zombies component of the original Call of Duty: Black Ops is currently unplayable.

Problems began last week when PC players of the original Zombies mode of Black Ops started to receive a server error message.

The issue is preventing any and all play related to Zombies mode including solo play.

Up to now Activision have not stated what the actual problem is, but have tweeted that they are aware of it and looking into it.

Activision has claimed however that the servers for the game have not been shutdown, so fans shouldn’t worry that the game is no longer supported.

However, users have figured out that the problem only exists when trying to access Zombies from the main menu.

This can be bypassed using console commands as a workaround.

The extent of the problems has caused a little bit of outrage among users of the game, known for being vocal about issues.

Players have taken to Steam’s review platform to issue a tirade of negative reviews about the game.

The excellent Zombies mode has been and still is a staple part of the massive FPS series.

Even though it has been nine years since the release of the original Zombies mode and there have been numerous new versions, the original version is still going strong.

The original Zombies mode has a very supportive and active player base thanks largely in part to a dedicated modding community.

Call of Duty games are known for their replayability and excellent online game modes, something which has made the series super popular.

Zombies mode, which usually has it’s own well thought out story, unique weapons and excellently designed maps, allows players to battle hordes of the undead.

Call of Duty isn’t the only game to have given their games a Zombie DLC.

Rockstar Games also released an official zombie themed expansion titled “Undead Nightmare” for Red Dead Redemption in 2010.

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The use of zombies in games and indeed popular culture has become somewhat popular thanks to the success of TV shows such as The Walking Dead and World War Z, both of which have their own pretty good video games.

Call of Duty: Zombies PC version has been unplayable for around a week now, and Activision have assured that they are working to fix the issue.

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