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Fortnite Weekly Update – What’s New In Fortnite

Welcome to ChartX Games Fortnite Battle Royale Weekly Update. Please use this page to access the current and past Fortnite Battle Royale Weekly Update articles from ChartX Games.

Previous Fortnite Battle Royale Weekly Update posts are ordered by latest first and categorised by month. We have also included a brief summary of that particular Fortnite Battle Royale Weekly Update.


January 2019

11/01/2019: Fortnite Update 7.10 Adds New User Creation

Fortnite Update 7.10 Adds New User Creation

Not a lot happening with Fortnite Update 7.10, however we have three weapons, festive extension, random LTMs and a new creation is added to The Block.


26/01/2019: v7.20 Adds Fortnite Lynx Hero Kassandra

v7.20 Adds Fortnite Lynx Hero Kassandra

A wide array of content in version 7.20: new Fortnite Lynx Hero, Kassandra, as well as an epic sword, new user creation for the block and a Sneaky Snowman!


December 2018

14/12/2018: Kill The Storm King in Fortnite Season 7 and Get a FREE Exclusive Pin

Kill The Storm King in Fortnite Season 7 and Get a FREE Exclusive Pin

The Storm King cometh in Fortnite Season 7. Wield the Infinity Blade for massive power, beat The Storm King for loot and XP and claim your FREE Storm King pin.


November 2018

24/11/2018: Fortnite Wild West Brings Frontier Action

Fortnite Wild West Brings Frontier Action

Fortnite Wild West Brings Frontier Action

#Sheriff or #Outlaw? Get some #Frontier action with new #Fortnite #WildWest themed items and modes including new dynamite, Ghost Pistol and more.


10/11/2018: Fortnitemares Part 2 Extends Spooky Fun and NFL Outfits Make a Debut

Fortnitemares Part 2 Extends Spooky Fun and NFL Outfits Make a Debut

The Halloween activities continue with Fortnitemares Part 2 and Team Terror, while Fortnite teams up with the NFL to bring exclusive football jerseys.


October 2018

20/10/2018: Fortnite 6.10 Adds Rifles, Quads and Events

Fortnite 6.10 Adds Rifles, Quads and Events

An exciting update this week as Fortnite 6.10 adds an awesome new vehicle, 2 returning weapons of the Halloween spirit and an all new In-Game Tournaments mode.


12/10/2018: Fortnite Patch 6.02 Adds Disco LTM and 2 Launcher Weapons

Fortnite Patch 6.02 Adds Disco LTM and 2 Launcher Weapons

Some powerful new weapons added to the game this week with #Fortnite Patch 6.02 plus there’s a funky new LTM capture mission sure to bring some boogey flair.


September 2018

28/09/2018: Mystical Mayhem Corrupts in Fortnite Season 6

Fortnite Season 6 Post Feature Image - 28/09/2018

A new chapter opens as Fortnite Season 6 brings mystical mayhem to the Island. Explore creepy new locations, use the power of Shadow Stones and GET A PET!

08/09/2018: High Stakes Event Adds a New Fortnite Ninja and More

Fortnite Post Feature Image - 08/09/2018

High Stakes event is live and brings with it some great new items such as the Grappler, new cosmetic rewards and a new Fortnite Ninja Fiona. Get in, get the goods and get out.


August 2018

25/08/2018: New Item Allows You to Open Rifts on the Go In Fortnite

Open rifts on the go with a powerful new special item, blast the Horde with an insane 8-barrel rifle and take part in a new points based LTM and a legendary weapon is also up for grabs in Challenge the Horde.

18/08/2018: Feel the Mayhem with 2 Fortnite Limited Time Modes

Fortnite Update Post Feature Image - 18/08/2018

Two new Fortnite Limited Time Modes this week; take the skies in Soaring 50’s or take aim with Sniper Shootout, plus see new hero Thora and grab the Heavy Sniper rifle.

11/08/2018: Fortnite Double Shotgun, New Modes and Mythic Outlander 

This week’s Fortnite Update adds Fortnite Double Shotgun for blasting away in “Steady Storm” Battle Royale and the Mythic Outlander Hero comes from Ragnarok.

03/08/2018: New Fortnite Fly Explosives LTM Is Here and Guided Missiles Make a Return

Fortnite Weekly Feature Image - 03/08/2018

Get your hands on a new Flintlock style weapon in Save the World and a new LTM “Fortnite Fly Explosives” combines Jetpack fun with Guided Missiles and explosives mayhem.


July 2018

21/07/2018: Fortnite Season 5: New Guns and Half-Price Sale

A very small update this week in Fortnite Season 5 which sees two new guns and a half-price sale for Save the World Mode.

13/07/2018: Viking Ship, Desert Island and Ancient Statues: Season 5 Is Here!

Fortnite Update Feature Image - 13/07/2018

Season 5 is here in the latest Epic Games Fortnite Update which sees a brand new vehicle, four new heroes, six new weapons, updated map, rifts and more. Plus theres the brand new Season 5 Battle Pass.

07/07/2018: Stars and Stripes Heroes, Drum Gun and Freedom Herald Pistol

Fortnite Post Feature Image Stars and Stripes

The Independence Day special Fortnite Battle Royale Weekly Update brings us a new new firecracker weapon, additional star spangled heroes and the Stink Bomb makes a return while you can terrorise your foes with the Drum Gun.


June 2018

29/06/2018: Version 4.5 ContentUpdate – Double Tap, Map Markers and Blockbuster Finale

Fortnite Post Feature Image

Dual pistols make an appearance as Blockbuster Part 4 comes in as well as map markers and a new Playground LTM for sandbox players. Celebrate Independence Day with some exclusive heroes.

19/06/2018: Version 4.4 Content Update – Stinkbomb, 8-bit Demo and Final Fight Game Mode

Fortnite Post Featured Image

This week’s Fortnite Battle Royale weekly update allows you to disgust your enemies with a new stinkbomb in an the new Final Fight game mode or cause sheer destruction with the 8-bit Demo in Save the world mode. Plus a statement from the devs on moving forward.

15/06/2018: New Weapon, Character and Traps Plus Nintendo Switch News and Fortnite World Cup

Fortnite Battle Royale Ninja Smal

Fortnite weekly update brings a new character, a new weapon and the ability to place traps on slopes. Also there’s news of Fortnite for Nintendo Switch and a $100 million prize money giveaway from Epic Games.