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Fortnite Battle Royale Weekly Update – What’s New In Fortnite

Welcome to ChartX Games Fortnite Battle Royale Weekly Update. Please use this page to access the current and past Fortnite Battle Royale Weekly Update articles from ChartX Games.

Previous Fortnite Battle Royale Weekly Update posts are ordered by latest first and categorised by month. We have also included a brief summary of that particular Fortnite Battle Royale Weekly Update.

July 2018

13/07/2018: Viking Ship, Desert Island and Ancient Statues: Season 5 Is Here!

Fortnite Update Feature Image - 13/07/2018

Season 5 is here in the latest Epic Games Fortnite Update which sees a brand new vehicle, four new heroes, six new weapons, updated map, rifts and more. Plus theres the brand new Season 5 Battle Pass.

07/07/2018: Stars and Stripes Heroes, Drum Gun and Freedom Herald Pistol

Fortnite Post Feature Image Stars and Stripes

The Independence Day special Fortnite Battle Royale Weekly Update brings us a new new firecracker weapon, additional star spangled heroes and the Stink Bomb makes a return while you can terrorise your foes with the Drum Gun.

June 2018

29/06/2018: Version 4.5 ContentUpdate – Double Tap, Map Markers and Blockbuster Finale

Fortnite Post Feature Image

Dual pistols make an appearance as Blockbuster Part 4 comes in as well as map markers and a new Playground LTM for sandbox players. Celebrate Independence Day with some exclusive heroes.

19/06/2018: Version 4.4 Content Update – Stinkbomb, 8-bit Demo and Final Fight Game Mode

Fortnite Post Featured Image

This week’s Fortnite Battle Royale weekly update allows you to disgust your enemies with a new stinkbomb in an the new Final Fight game mode or cause sheer destruction with the 8-bit Demo in Save the world mode. Plus a statement from the devs on moving forward.

15/06/2018: New Weapon, Character and Traps Plus Nintendo Switch News and Fortnite World Cup

Fortnite Battle Royale Ninja Smal

Fortnite weekly update brings a new character, a new weapon and the ability to place traps on slopes. Also there’s news of Fortnite for Nintendo Switch and a $100 million prize money giveaway from Epic Games.