“Control” Game Developer Remedy Entertainment Confirms More Games

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The veteran developers of last year’s surprise smash hit game Control has confirmed that they have more games in progress but are keeping tight-lipped on most details.

According to a recent financial report, Remedy Entertainment has revealed that they are working on three new games.

These new games are apparently separate from two expansions for Control which are being worked on right now.

The games are reportedly varied in nature coming as an F.P.S, an online game and a secret development with no details as of yet.

The shooter in question is a revamp of the popular online game CrossFire, which will be released as a single-player campaign utilizing the backstory of the game.

There are no details on the online game being developed, only that Remedy has stated that there are:

a small group of people working in an unconventional way with an aim to develop something quickly and independently inside an established organization“.

The secret game in development has no details at all and one can only speculate, but given the success of Control, it could be a sequel.

Remedy Entertainment Alan Wake
Alan Wake (2010)

If not, then it is most likely a reboot of Remedy’s eerie horror series Alan Wake, that while being an ambitious game series, failed to achieve much commercial success.

Remedy Entertainment is a well-established developer in video games.

Having worked on such games as Max Payne, Alan Wake and Quantum break, they have achieved a respected position in the industry over their almost 25-year history.

Remedy Entertainment Max Payne
Max Payne (2001)

They were the talk of the industry last year thanks to the surprise success of their latest game, Control.

Control was released to critical acclaim, being given the “Game of the Year” title by many video game review sites including IGN.

The game tells the story of a secret U.S agency that specializes in the investigation of paranatural phenomena.

What sets Control apart from other action games is its inclusion of physics-bending systems including telekinesis, levitation and mind control.

Remedy Entertainment Control
Control (2019)

Control was a huge hit with action game fans and gamers alike, achieving high scores on review sites and Metacritic.

The hit game also received Golden Joystick’s “Critic’s Choice Award”, Game Awards’ “Best Art Direction” and D.I.C.E Awards’ “Action Game of the Year” among others.

More details are likely to follow in the coming months concerning Remedy’s current developments, and if their past is anything to go by, the future looks exciting.

Control is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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