Control: The Foundation DLC to be Delayed on Xbox One

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The first paid expansion for one of last year’s biggest hits, Control: The Foundation DLC will be a timed exclusive for PS4 and Epic Games Store.

It has been confirmed that Xbox gamers will be missing out for an entire month before they can access the DLC.

The first expansion for Control will be available soon, however, the main story must be completed before you can access it.

The story for the expansion will focus on Jesse’s return to the FBC as she explores more of The Oldest House.

The Foundation will require the player to delve into the mysteries that lie underneath The Oldest House itself and the foundations of the paranatural phenomena it possesses.

Control: The Foundation – Official Trailer (PS4)

Focusing on the other-worldly areas beneath The Oldest House, the action in the expansion is set to get very strange.

Jesse will need to utilize every skill she has to uncover the mysteries of the interdimensional areas of the game’s world.

As well as an intriguing reason to return to the game, Control: The Foundation will introduce new abilities for Jesse.

A brand new ability called “Shape” is needed to combat the expansion’s new puzzles.

Control: The Foundation DLC to be Delayed on Xbox One
Control – Physics System

Shape has two sub-abilities, “Create” and “Fracture” which can be used to affect the world and also in combat.

Judging by their names, Shape will allow the player to materialize matter from thin air, or to destroy existing matter.

Published by 505 Games and developed by Remedy Entertainment, Control was one of 2019’s biggest surprise hit games.

Centered around an agent working for the Federal Bureau of Control, the game sees Jesse Faden investigating supernatural events.

Control Screenshot - FBC
Control – FBC

As the new Director of the FBC, Jesse must defend The Oldest House, the agency’s HQ from an invading entity known as The Hiss.

The Hiss has begun to corrupt reality itself and Jesse must utilize powerful abilities to counteract the physics-bending influence of the enemy.

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Control was praised for its amazing use of physics and dynamic elements as well as its excellent story and acting.

The flow of the game has also been noted as a key feature as it allows a very non-linear style of play that encourages exploration.

Control Screenshot - The Hiss
Control – The Hiss

The title received many awards and accolades as well as very high scores from gaming outlets.

Golden Joystick awarded the game a “Critic’s Choice Award” while The Game Awards gave a “Best Art Direction” award and DICE awarded it “Action Game of the Year“.

Reviews of Control were also very positive with Gamespot and IGN scoring 8 out of 10 and 8.8 out of 10 respectively.

Control: The Foundation is the first of two confirmed expansions for the title, the second of which will be linked to Alan Wake.

The first full expansion for Control will be available for PlayStation 4 and PC via Epic Games Store on March 26th, with the Xbox One version to follow June 26th.

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