Upcoming Sci-Fi Horror CryoSpace Announced

By | 27/11/2020



An upcoming space survival horror game inspired by Sci-Fi classics, CryoSpace, has been officially revealed by Steam veterans Kuklam Studios.

Taking many queues from movies such as Alien, other games like System Shock and many Philip K. Dick stories, CryoSpace is a creepy Sci-Fi horror title.

Presented in the rarely seen isometric view, you must navigate a large starship as the only passenger awoken from cryosleep.

CryoSpace – Game Trailer

Playing as a maintenance manager, gathering supplies, finding food and sources of oxygen is vital to survival.

You can also choose to wake other passengers, however, others may also have their own agenda.

As well as other survivors, there is also something else on board and you can feel its presence as you navigate the ship’s dark corridors.

CryoSpace Game Announced
CryoSpace is a Sci-Fi Surivial Horror

Progression also requires puzzle-solving, disarming traps and exploration.

If the excellent trailer is anything to go by then CryoSpace is shaping up to be a worthy horror game.

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The graphics and presentation are very polished with effects and gameplay worthy of AAA FPS games.

CryoSpace Game Screenshot
Enemies Could be Around Any Corner

The isometric view seems to add a sense of foreboding to the horror since you can only see so far ahead at any one time.

This viewpoint allows the developer to make use of dark areas very effectively and certain points of the game look pretty scary because of this.

Isometric view games used to be pretty standard for action games in the past and while it is still used, it is rarely seen in serious projects.

CryoSpace Game Screenshot
Many Horrors Await

The game’s developer, Kuklam Studios is no stranger to game development, having a handful of titles on Steam.

This latest sci-fi horror title is by far their most ambitious project yet and it will be interesting to follow the game’s steady development.

CryoSpace looks set to bring a fresh approach to the 3D isometric genre and this is one indie development I am looking forward too.

However, the CryoSpace release date is scheduled for 2022, so we do have some time to wait for this very scary looking title.

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