DayZ on PlayStation 4 Finally Arrives

By | 31/05/2019
Dayz on PlayStation 4 Finally Arrives



Gamers rejoice as DayZ on PlayStation 4 has finally been released. The ultra realistic zombie survival game gets a PS4 release after years in development.

Online survival game DayZ has finally been released for PlayStation 4 after 6 years in development.

The game has also been available on PC since December 2018 and was launched on Xbox One in March this year.

Originally developed as a mod for Arma 2, DayZ gradually took on a form of it’s own and started to gain a growing reputation.

Although DayZ is an open world, online survival game, the premise is a little different that the usual.

The gameplay mostly revolves around pure survival rather than traditional action based survival horror.

Being dropped in to a post apocalyptic map based on a real world area of Czechoslovakia, players must gather materials, weapons and food.

You may be please to know that this isn’t a Battle Royale game.

Following an outbreak of an unknown virus, the world’s population has mutated into extremely violent beings.

As an immune person, you must try to stay alive for as long as you can with up to 59 other players on the 125 square kilometer map.

Dayz on PlayStation 4 Screenshot

Seeking out other players is optional, and they may not be friendly.

Players can be as warming or as hostile as they like and the methods of survival are completely up to the player themselves.

Players may choose to go it alone and try to make it, or they can band together and share resources.

DayZ is set apart from other games in the genre because of it’s realistic approach to survival horror.

Dayz on PlayStation 4 Screenshot

One shot kills if hit in the right (or wrong) area are possible and player characters can become ill from eating spoiled food, drinking dirty water or not treating wounds correctly.

Weapons and vehicles are available in the game however weapons are hard to find and vehicles will almost always require hard to come by components in order to repair them to a usable state.

Dayz on PlayStation 4 Screenshot

DayZ is a well balanced game that provides something a little different, choosing realism over entertainment, something we have seen recently with games such as The Hunter: Call of the Wild, State of Decay and The Forest.

DayZ is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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2 thoughts on “DayZ on PlayStation 4 Finally Arrives

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi Kayin.

      Thanks for commenting.

      DayZ is a little different than the usual zombie games.

      It is very realistic with an emphasis on survival over action, so it isn’t as intense as Left 4 Dead.

      There is indeed a Walking Dead game for PlayStation, however I am not sure if is still available since Telltale Games, the game’s developer has actually closed down.

      Alternatively you might want to check out Dying Light:

      Dying Light is an excellent game with great zombie action, survival and intense fighting.


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