DC Universe Online for Switch This Summer

By | 24/05/2019
DC Universe Online for Switch

It Has Been Confirmed that DC Universe Online for Switch will be Releasing Very Soon.

The massive online RPG game based on characters and worlds from DC comics will feature all content for the handheld.

Published by Sony Online Entertainment and developed by Daybreak Games in conjunction with WB Games, the superhero based MMORPG has been around since 2011 on Windows and consoles.

In the 8 years since it was first released, the game has had numerous expansions and seasons that expand the roster of available characters, storylines and plot devices, as well as in game functionality such as lairs and bases.

DC Universe Online takes place in the DC Multiverse where you get to create your very own characters to be played out as either heroes or villains.

Although you cannot play as any established characters such as Superman or Batman, you can create characters that look and act a lot like them thanks to the game’s built in character designer, archetype presets and gear.

However, the character creator is intuitive enough to allow for genuinely unique characters far removed from the usual, with the only limit being imagination.

DCUO Batman

That being said, although the game is free to play, you don’t get a lot for free and some of the better gear can get expensive.

However it is possible to play the game to excellent effect without spending a penny.

As well as familiar characters, the game’s storylines also take place across well known locations in the DC Universe such as Superman’s Metropolis and Batman’s Gotham.

Drawing inspiration from almost 80 years worth of material, the game has tons of content for characters including content based on Golden Age DC comics, the current DC TV shows such as Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow as well as the big budget movies from the DC Extended Universe.

DCUO The Flash

DC Universe Online is for the most part a mediocre game but one that is adorned in all the DC comics finery one could wish for and I’m sure will be a great game to play on Switch while on the move.

There is no release date given but DC Universe Online is being released for Nintendo Switch this Summer.

You can check the current game charts using the links below:

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