Dead by Daylight for Android and iOS Available Now

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A free to play mobile version of the popular survival horror title Dead by Daylight for Android and iOS has launched with the same gameplay as its major platform counterparts.

Dead by Daylight from developer 505 Games, also responsible for Rocket League, is an asymmetrical survival horror game similar to the recently released Resident Evil: Resistance.

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The game tasks players with hunting or survival, where one player takes on the role of the killer while another group has to survive.

Originally released in 2016 for PC, the game is still around and now on all major platforms such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and is currently on its fourth year of sequential chapter releases.

Dead by Daylight – Official Console Launch Trailer

The series was not a big hit upon release but was noted for its ambition and quite unique gameplay.

While the concept of the game isn’t for everyone, the asymmetrical multiplayer game is becoming more popular with even Predator getting a game in the genre.

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What makes Dead by Daylight intriguing is the publisher’s ability to secure licensed characters from smash-hit horror movies.

For example, some chapters include fictional characters from Halloween, Saw and recently, Stranger Things.

Dead by Daylight Stranger Things

Not only the savage killers such as Michael Myers, Jigsaw and The Demogorgon but survivors from such movies as well, such as Laurie Strode, Detective Trapp and Nancy Wheeler are also available in the game’s stories.

Other movie franchises include Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream and The Evil Dead, among others.

As well as famous movie killers, the game also boasts a selection of archetype nightmares.

A murderous clown, a tragic nurse and a twisted hag are also available for example.

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Developed by mobile port veterans Behavior Interactive, the mobile version of Dead by Daylight has all the same gameplay and features as the main platform counterparts but is optimized for mobile play:

  • For Apple devices, currently, the game runs on iOS 11 and later across iPhone S.E, 6S and above.
  • For Android, the game requires Nougat OS and later on Samsung Galaxy S7 and its equivalent devices.

The controls, user experience and in-game interface have been changed to accommodate handheld smartphone play, but for the most part, the game remains unchanged.

Dead by Daylight Mobile – Official Launch Trailer

At the moment though, the mobile version will cater to the Stranger Things chapter as the game kicks off.

I suspect that content in the game will be dependant on the current season being run, which is pretty common for mobile games.

Given Dead by Daylight’s slow but steady rise to a now popular genre, I think that the free to play version will give the developers a new chance to scare gamers and create some amazing content.

What this means for the main platform version of the game remains unseen, but given its current popularity, I wouldn’t expect it to go anywhere soon.

The Dead by Daylight mobile release date has just passed and the game is available now for compatible Android and iOS devices.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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6 thoughts on “Dead by Daylight for Android and iOS Available Now

  1. Alan

    This is the kind of thing that gets me disowned!

    I will have my face stuck to my phone again, living a second life.

    I only just managed to put the last game down I was using(best not say the name).

    Well, if i’m lucky, my other half didn’t read this news and I will get away with it for a while 🙂


    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi Alan.

      Glad you like it and found it useful.

      I am intrigued as to what that other game was.


  2. Laurence Guidry

    I like your explanation of the game as you go along. The page just catches your eyes real quick. It would seem this game has a lot of action and intrigue. If I were a gamer, I would immediately go out and buy this game. Well written, a lot of eye catching media that goes well with the explantions of the game. Good job.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Thanks for the nice comments, Laurence.

      I’m happy that you could find information quickly and clearly. That’s what I aim for.


  3. Daniel

    That’s cool how this game is now available for android and ios it’s also cool how the characters come from all kinds of films and shows. Outstanding page keep up the great work.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi Daniel.

      It’s quite astounding how 505 games are able to get so many famous characters from big movie franchises into their games while also making them really fun to play and see. It’s very unnerving to see Michael Myers coming at you!



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