Destroy All Humans! Remake Announced

By | 07/06/2019
Destroy All Humans Remake



Ahead of this year’s E3, THQ Nordic have surprised fans of a PlayStation 2 cult classic as a Destroy All Humans! Remake is Announced.

The PlayStation 2 classic Destroy All Humans! has been confirmed as having a current generation remake in the works.

The cult classic action Sci-Fi game based on 1950’s alien B-Movies is being remade.

Playing as alien Anti-Hero Crypto 137, players must terrorize the residents of small 1950’s American towns in order to harvest their DNA.

Originally developed by Pandemic, the game is known for it’s many B-Movie references and well implemented game features such as alien weapons, psychic abilities and even an anal probe! Ouch!

In true alien style, the maniacal little gray feller even has a controllable Flying Saucer with which you can blast ray guns and abduct people and cows.

Destroy All Humans PS4

Now THQ Nordic which acquired the license for the game in 2013 is set to release a remake.

From the look of the trailer, it isn’t clear whether this is a remake from the ground up, or rather an HD version of the game with a few new features and maps thrown in.

Despite this, the released media appears to be very good quality and the graphics and game mechanics are certainly a massive improvement over the original.

However, this could be a hint at a larger development with perhaps a sequel in the works, which for current generation consoles would be excellent if made properly.

The remake of Destroy All Humans! is expected some time in 2020.

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