EA Origin Security Flaw

By | 17/04/2019

Plus: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Release Date, Media Molecule’s Dreams Out Now…

Experts have identified an EA Origin security flaw and users have been urged to update ASAP. Plus Marvel Ultimate Alliance gets release date and Dreams available via PSN Early Access.



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In Today’s News:

  • The Sims 4 and Other EA Games Major Security Flaw
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Release Date
  • Dreams Available for Early Access Now

The Sims 4 and Other EA Games Major Security Flaw

A major security flaw has been discovered in Electronic Arts’ first party launcher Origin.

EA Origin Security Flaw

The security flaw could affect players of popular games such as The Sims 4, Battlefield and FIFA and many more, which is potentially in the tens of millions.

To combat the flaw, players are urged to update their Origin launcher as soon as possible, as the bug has recently been patched.

The major security issue that has been present in Origin for years could have allowed any malicious hackers to gain a user’s private data stored in their EA account by going through Origin.

This data could potentially include names, birth dates and credit card details.

The security flaw could also be used to run anything on a victim’s computer because Origin could be set to run programs by changing the built in links of the program.

Origin is Electronic Arts’ own game launcher software that is used to purchase and run EA games, which encompasses an extremely large catalog.

These games include some of the most popular in the world such as The Sims series, EA Sports series such as FIFA and UFC and the Battlefield series, among many others.

Users should update Origin as soon as possible, even if they haven’t played any EA games or used Origin for a long time as it isn’t clear for how long the issue has been present.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Release Date

The long awaited next installment in legendary Marvel game Ultimate Alliance has been given a confirmed release date of July 19th this year.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance was first released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2006 and although the game was released to critical acclaim, it didn’t perform well in terms of sales.

However, since then, Ultimate Alliance has become a cult classic, possibly owing to the fact the game is considered rare and a collector’s item due to the now massive popularity of the comic book world.

The game is amazing in scope and style, providing a huge roster of Marvel characters including Fantastic 4, Iron Man, Spider-man, Dare Devil and Blade.

The sequel, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, while provided some graphical improvements actually removed some of the features that made the original great in the first place.

The RPG upgrade system was simplified, was a little buggy and the unlockables weren’t as interesting.

Then, last year a new sequel was announced, sending fans in to a frenzy. This was short-lived however when it was revealed that the new game would be Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is in development by Team Ninja, the same studio behind hit titles Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden.

The new installment promises more of the same tactical team button mashing of previous games with a great story and plenty of costume unlocks and replayability.

The game will also implement Switch style features such as four player co-op with local, online or Joy Con players.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is set for release on 19th July 2019 for Nintendo Switch Only.

Dreams Available for Early Access Now

Long term development builder game Dreams is now available via PlayStation Network as part of an early access program.

Dreams is the latest product from the Little Big Planet creator Media Molecule, and takes the game builder genre to another level.

Little Big Planet allowed players to create their own levels within the game, for now legendary character Sack Boy to traverse.

Dreams take the Little Big Planet concept one step further by allowing players to create the game of, well, their dreams.

Essentially and user friendly game engine, Dreams provides a set of tools for players to create an entirely new game from scratch while playing the game itself.

This is contrast to Little Big Planet which separated the level creation aspect of the game from the playing of the game.

The strange thing is that there is pretty much no existing game. The game is created by the player in real time, separated into levels called Dreams.

Since there isn’t a set story or game as such, information on what Dreams actually is seems scarce.

However, if your curiosity is piqued then you can get Dreams from PlayStation Network now.

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