Enter the Gungeon – Lodestone Ammolet

What does the Lodestone Ammolet do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Lodestone Ammolet is a D-rank passive item that falls under the Ammolet family of items – passive items that add or enhance the effects of Blanks in Enter the Gungeon.

The Lodestone Ammolet increases knockback distance from using Blanks and gives Blanks the ability to stun enemies affected by the Blank for three seconds. In addition, having the Lodeston Ammolet in your inventory will give you an extra Blank at the start of every floor.

Is the Lodestone Ammolet a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Lodestone Ammolet is a very good item in Enter the Gungeon, thanks to the enhanced effects it gives to Blanks and the additional Blank charges it provides at the start of every floor in the Gungeon.

By themselves, Blanks are already very powerful items in Enter the Gungeon. With the Lodestone Ammolet, not only are you getting an extra Blank on every floor, but you also get a three-second stun and greater knockback effect when using Blanks in the Gungeon.

Best Synergy for the Lodestone Ammolet in Enter The Gungeon

There is only one Synergy for the Lodestone Ammolet, and that is the Relodestar Synergy that it shares with the Relodestone.


If you have both the Lodestone Ammolet and the S-rank active item Relodestar in your inventory, the Relodestar Synergy between these two items will become active.

With the Relodestar Synergy, the Relodestar gains the ability to shoot back all bullets it has absorbed during its use. The bullets will deal damage to enemies and are shot back in random directions.

How to Use the Lodestone Ammolet in Enter The Gungeon?

The Lodestone Ammolet is a passive item that enhances the effects that Blanks have in the Gungeon. With this in mind, using Blanks while having the LodesTone Ammolet in your inventory is enough to activate the Lodestone Ammolet’s buffs.

You can use Blanks as you would even without the Lodestone Ammolet buff. You’re simply getting increased knockback distance, a three-second stun effect, and additional Blanks on each floor with the Lodestone Ammolet.


If you take away all the other effects that the Lodestone Ammolet provides and only left out the extra Blank at the start of every floor, many Gungeoneers will arguably still consider this item very valuable – it’s that good. The added knockback distance and three-second stun effect it adds to Blanks are just the icings to the cake that is the Lodestone Ammolet. 

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