Enter The Gungeon – Nanomachines?

enter the gungeon nanomachines

What does the Nanomachines item do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Nanomachines is a B-tier passive item that grans two pieces of armor that grant a stacking armor bonus in Enter the Gungeon.  

The Nanomachines armor adds + 2 armor plus an additional +1 armor after receiving four instances of damage for an effective 25% damage reduction from all damage sources in-game. 

Players can purchase the Nanomachines from the Ox and Cadence at The Breach in the Gungeon Acquisitions Department for 10 Hegemony Credits.

Is Nanomachines a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

Considering the nature of Enter the Gungeon’s gameplay, the Nanomachines, by itself, is not a very useful item in Enter the Gungeon. 

Enter the Gungeon forces players to move around and dodge enemy attacks in-game to avoid taking unnecessary damage. As players get better at reading the enemies’ firing patterns and trajectories, they get better at dodging and taking less damage in-game as well, making a defensive-focused item like the Nanomachiens less significant. 

However, the Nanomachines passive item offers a host of Synergies with other guns in Enter the Gungeon, all of which can turn the five Synergy guns into more powerful guns in the game. 

Best Synergy for Nanomachines in Enter The Gungeon

The Nanomachines passive item can Synergize with five other guns in Enter the Gungeon. These are:

Future Gangster 

The Nanomachines plus the C-Rank Thompson Sub-Machinegun will activate a Synergy called Future Gangster, which will turn the classic war gun’s bullets into lasers that deal 6.5 damage.

Pistol Machine

The D-rank Machine Pistol and Nanomachines Synergy will cause the Machine Pistol’s shots to become 100% accurate. 

In addition, the Pistol Machine Synergy will give the Machine Pistol an electric charge that can damage enemies and give it the Angry Bullets effect, which causes the gun’s bullets to bounce off of enemies. 

Pretty Good

The Pretty Good Synergy will activate when the player has the SAA gun alongside the Nanomachines passive item. 

Pretty Good will increase the player’s Coolness stat by 2 points, which should improve active item cooldown by 10% and decrease the chance for chests to have a fuse by 5%.

Production Model

Players can combine the Nanomachines passive item with the already powerful A-rank Prototype Railgun to activate the Production Model Synergy. 

Production Model will enhance the Prototype Railgun’s projectile further and cause it to bounce up to five times.

Steel Skin (Best Synergy)

The B-rank AC-15 automatic gun and the Nanomachines passive item will activate a Synergy called Steel Skin. 

Since the Nanomachines is a passive item that grants armor, the Steel Skin Synergy will cause the AC-15 to remain in its powered-up state even if the player does not have armor.

Steel Skin will give the AC-15 the ability to fire blue-colored, high-speed, high-damage, piercing projectiles with a slower fire rate and strong knockback effect.

How to Use the Nanomachines in Enter The Gungeon?

The Nanomachines passive item effectively grants 25% less damage when equipped, which gives players a bit of leeway when taking damage from various sources in Enter the Gungeon. 

However, as we have mentioned earlier in this article, more experienced players will be hard-pressed to notice the benefits that Nanomachines provide simply due to the player’s ability to dodge and ready the enemies’ behavior in-game. 

Players can look into the Nanomachine’s various Synergies and utilize those instead. If the player is lucky enough to have any gun that Synergizes with Nanomachines, then any of the Nanomachines’ Synergies will arguably provide a more substantial and tangible benefit in room-clearing in Enter the Gungeon. 


The Nanomachines provide decent stacking damage reduction and a host of Synergies that can enhance any of the five Synergy gun’s firing capabilities. 

Beginners will find the Nanomachines’ armor bonus handy as they learn enemy movements and tendencies. However, more experienced players will take advantage of the Synergies that this passive item offers instead. 

Nevertheless, the Nanomachines offer very few cons for the multitude of pros that it brings to the table in Enter the Gungeon, making it a very functional item no matter the situation.

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