Epic Games Fortnite Update – Viking Ship, Desert Island and Ancient Statues: Season 5 Is Here!

By | 13/07/2018

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The hotly anticipated next chapter for Epic Games’ Fortnite, Season 5: Worlds Collide is finally here. Having just been announced by Epic Games this new chapter in the Fortnite story is set to have player “exerience Fortnite like you’ve never seen before”.

Here’s what Epic Games has to say:

Drop into Season 5, where we’re introducing all kinds of changes to the map! A viking ship, desert outpost, and ancient statues have appeared on the island, changing the world of Fortnite as we know it. On top of that, Fortnite’s first four person vehicle has arrived! Hop in a zippy ATK (All Terrain Kart) with your squad and uncover all new mysteries and locations, the possibilities are endless!

A great new update for the game with tons of new content including:

  • Desert Outpost; Miosty Mire map update with brand new loot and opportunities.
  • New Vehicle, the ATK (All Terrain Kart); Fortnite’s first 4-seater vehicle.
  • Ancient Statues; these have popped up at various locations.
  • A Viking Ship; appeared randomly in Moisty Mire.
  • New Locations; scattered all over the new map.
  • All New Battle Pass; filled with over one hundred new rewards.

Map Update

The world map has had a big update with version 5.0:

  • New Biome: Desert
  • New Location: Paradise Palms
  • New Location: Lazy Links
  • A few unnamed POIs have also appeared across the island.
  • Minimap Updated

Fortnite World Map v5.0

Epic Game Fortnite Weekly Update -ATK, Rifts and Wild West Heroes

Season 5: Worlds Collide’s updates are here this week as we see the launch of the latest Fortnite chapter which has introduced a new map update, battle pass, new game modes and more. Version 5.0 is offering an ultra cool 4-seater vehicle the ATK, the ability to enter the recently opened rifts, a new “Challenge the Horde” in Save the World mode, four new Wild West Heroes and super stylish Flintlock Weapons.

Good news this week for Battle Royale as we can now zip around the open terrain with our teams in a brand new four seater vehicle and we now have the access to the mysterious rifts.

All Terrain Kart

A super cool new vehicle has arrived to the game this week in the form of the All Terrain Kart. The vehicle comes with four seats so up to three friends can ride with you across the desert map.

Fortnite Vehicle ATK

The ATK cna also jump if the rear passengers lean back by holding ‘S’ or on the controller thumbstick. Perform a higher jump by releasing at the same time. The roof of the ATK is also a bounce pad and the ATK will get a temporary speed boost following a successful drift.


Enter the rifts which have appeared all over the world for a new challenge.

Fortnite Rifts

Fortnite Heading Battle Royale Mode

Some exciting news for Save the World mode this week as we have see the return of a favourite game mode, four new heroes and six new weapons all themed around The Wild West.

Challenge the Horde

Gather your team and see how long you can survive The Horde.

Fortnite Mode - Challenge the Horde

  • Challenge the Horde introduces new Storm behavior.
  • Missions now grant a starter, first tier, uncommon Assault Rifle and Sword to help players hit the ground running in early Horde missions.
  • The initial ammunition grant has been increased to match the increased difficulty of the first Horde mission.
  • Building materials, ammunition, and crafting materials granted to players per skill tree upgrade have been reduced throughout the Horde Skill Tree.

Wild West Heroes

New heroes available during the Road Trip event which includes the new Wild West Heroes. There are four to choose from these awesome new characters.

Fortnite Heroes - Wild West

  • Soldier; New Subclass ‘First Shot’ featuring New Character Rio
  • Ninja; New Subclass ‘Explosive Assassin’ featuring Ken
  • Constructor; New Subclass ‘Vintage-Tech’ featuring Penny
  • Outlander; New Subclass ‘Wild Fragment’ featuring Deadeye

Flintlock Weapons

Six new Flintlock style weapons are now available keeping in line with the Wild West theme.

Fortnite Weapons - Flintlock

  • Ol’ Betsy: Accurate, high powered sniper rifle with a single round per magazine and a hefty kick.
  • Duelist: Slow-firing revolver with a powerful kick that deals heavy headshot damage and knocks back targets.
  • Dragoon: Heavy, short range shotgun that damages and knocks back enemies in a cone.
  • Fishing Hook: Slow, heavy scythe with a wide swing and Whirlwind Attack.
  • Sir Hootie: Slow, heavy club with large knockback potential and Home Run attack.

Fortnite Heading - Additional Details



  • When the “Invited to Party” prompt appears in the UI you can now immediately accept the invite rather than having to open the Party Finder.
  • The News widget has been adjusted to avoid the need for a scrollbar in most cases.
    • A scroll option has been added for controller users in the event that scrolling is needed.
  • Updated consoles to use less shader storage. This improves patch sizes and reduces load times.
  • Optimized file ordering to reduce load times on all platforms.
  • The “Epic Friends” button now appears on the Main Menu when using a gamepad on Windows or Mac.

Gyro/motion controls have been added to Nintendo Switch version.

Check out the official Fortnite Battle Royale news site for full patch details: Fortnite News at Epic Games

Fortnite Heading - Image Gallery




Please let me know how you feel about this week’s updates and news as I am sure some of you will have great opinions and I would love to hear them, so don’t be afraid to use the comments section below.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on the Battle Bus. Bye for now and take care,
Michael – Editor/Owner – ChartX Games.

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