Epic Games to Axe Fortnite Legacy Controls

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The Fortnite Legacy Controls which support aim assist on console versions of the game are to be removed in the next update because of exploits.

While the control system has been in place in order to provide the feel of Fortnite in its early days, the system is now constantly being used for cheating.

Epic Games has left the Legacy Controls in the game for the three years of Fortnite’s life now, despite them not really being needed.

Since the game is ultra-competitive, many players have been exploiting the system as a cheating tool to gain an unfair advantage in combat.

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While Epic Games has committed to fixing control exploits for cheating, the Legacy Control system still gives players an edge by improving the game’s aim assist setting.

One such exploit involves tapping the trigger to utilize aim assist in order to track opposition players who aren’t visible.

Aim assist is a genuine option for players of Fortnite, especially when using game controllers where the urgency of a mouse and keyboard is not present.

Assistance with aiming and Legacy Control is currently present in order to level the playing field where console users and PC gamers are paired in Crossplay.

Fortnite Asteroid
Fortnite Asteroid Event

However, getting the balance right has been the subject of contention for a while now, as each control system offers advantages and disadvantages.

It isn’t all bad news for console gamers though, as some Legacy Control settings can be applied to new control systems.

Sensitivities settings from Legacy Controls can be copied into a new control profile in the game’s settings.

Fortnite Screenshot 03
Fortnite Sky Diving

Epic Games released the following statement via Twitter:

With the improvements we’ve made to Aim Assist, we plan to remove the “Use Legacy Look Controls” setting on March 13.

To use the new settings and maintain your legacy sensitivities, select “Copy from Legacy” in the Controller Options and toggle off “Use Legacy Look Controls.”

While removing Legacy Control is an inevitable step in removing cheating tools, some players will now be at a disadvantage while they get used to a new control system and feel for the game.

However, until they’re removed, I can’t help but feel that the next few days will see a huge leap in gamers looking to procure some Eliminations.

Fortnite Screenshot 04
Fortnite Gliding In

Fortnite recently relaunched as it moved into its Chapter 2 phase and with that brought some pretty serious bugs.

In Chapter 2, players have been able to exploit lag, relax because of nerfed weapons or fear overpowered ones.

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Other exploits which have been present in Fortnite have ranged from wall phasing and taking no fall damage, to actually sharing a win!

Whatever happens in Fortnite however, the game isn’t going away any time soon, no matter how many clones come along.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Screenshot 01
Fortnite Chapter 2 Island

The fact of the matter is, yes, it has its ups and downs, but Fortnite is still the original and best, with an army of dedicated fans.

As of March 2019 (last census), there are 250 million active Fortnite gamers across the globe.

2019 also saw the game become the highest concurrently played title at 8.3 million users, beating PUBG’s record by 2.5 times.

While I am not a huge Fortnite fan myself, those numbers need to be respected and thanks to Epic Games’ dedication to keeping the game fresh and fun, Fortnite will only get bigger.

The Legacy Control System is set to be removed through an update scheduled on 13th March 2020.

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