Feb 2021 PS Plus Includes Control Ultimate Edition

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An awesome lineup that’s a feast for gamers as Control Ultimate Edition graces our Feb 2021 PS Plus games selection.

The full package includes all DLCs and the full game as well as the PlayStation 5 version.

Control was a surprise hit when it was released in late 2019.

Developed by Remedy Entertainment of Alan Wake and Max Payne fame, the game tells the story of Jesse Faden.

Control – Gamescom 2019 Launch Trailer | PS4

Jesse has been assigned as the new director of a Federal Bureau of Control, a government agency that deals with supernatural phenomena.

Before Jesse has even started her new job, the ominous New York HQ of the FBC has come under attack from psychic forces and Jesse needs to drive them out.

The game is an amazing exploration of the human psyche, how far science is willing to push, and how little we understand about the quantum world.

The FBC building known as The Oldest House has been conducting research on what it calls Altered World Events.

Feb 2021 PS Plus Lineup Includes Control Ultimate Edition
The FBC Manages Altered World Events

These are things of significance that happen due to the collective unconscious and can affect the physical world by manifesting objects of power and altered items.

One of the main aspects of the game is to track down and secure altered items that are housed in containment units and studied at the FBC.

These objects are usually archetypal and Carl Jung’s theories on archetypes are used heavily in the game.

For example, such items include a teleporting rubber duck that vanishes if you try to pick it up.

Control - Jesse Faden as Director at Desk
Jesse Faden is the New FBC Director

Other altered items in the game also behave unpredictably and seem to have a mind of their own.

Some can kill a person, some can hypnotize and some can make people vanish into thin air.

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Objects of power are a little different as they grant Jesse new abilities that can also be used in the Astral Plane such as the ability to fly.

Influences of the excellent and very underrated TV show The Lost Room can be seen in the game.

Control FBC Hotline
The Hotline Plays a Crucial Communication Role Between Jesse and the Former Director

Other influences, such as the horror aspect come from Alan Wake, one of Remedy’s most famous game series.

The events of Alan Wake are referenced in the game as an altered world event and more Easter Eggs about the series can be found.

As later DLC will reveal, the world of Control and Alan Wake are inextricably linked to one another.

The gameplay is excellent with challenging scenarios that can be revisited as Jesse’s powers develop or new weapons are found.

While the main campaign is a little short, there is still plenty to do and the incursion of paranatural entities is far from over once the story has been completed.

Control is one of the best games ever made and certainly one of the best to come to PS Plus.

Control Ultimate Edition is available for PS Plus throughout February 2021 for PS4 and PS5.

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