Review – Football Manager 2018

By | 22/02/2018

Since it’s early days when its was know as Championship Manager or “Champ Man” affectionately, Football Manager has risen to the top to be the king of football management simulations. The newest version, Football Manager 2018 has some new and interesting mechanics such as a team morale system and an in-depth scouting system.

Football Manager 2018 is being lauded as the best in the series so far, receiving very high-score reviews across the board from reputable sources. This is due to a mixture of newly introduced mechanincs and improvements of exisiting one such as increased team interaction and in-depth scouting respectively.

For the past five years running Football Manager has consistently hit one million plus sales with the new instalment doing well on the current PC charts holding the number two spot at time of writing.

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Source: PC Gamer

Developer: Sports Interactive
Publisher: Sega
Genre: Sports
Release Date: 10/11/2018
Platforms: PC

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