Fortnite Battle Royale Weekly Update – Stars and Stripes Heroes, Drum Gun and Freedom Herald Pistol

By | 07/07/2018

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Some shiny new weapons coming in today’s Fortnite Battle Royale Weekly Update – “Suppressing Fire” as we see a nod to the United States’ Independence Day with a couple of new star spangled heroes and the usual weapons updates with the 1920’s era Drum Gun better known as the “Tommy Gun” and the Freedom Herald Pistol, also the Stink Bomb makes a smelly return.

Here’s what Epic Games has to say about this week’s theme:

“Topple your rivals with the latest weapon to drop into Battle Royale, the Drum Gun. Need to clear the room? Throw a stink bomb, now in Save the World. A firework show on the go, find the Freedom’s Herald Pistol in Save the World now.”

Just one new content update for this week’s Battle Royale Mode:

  • Drum Gun

An automatic weapon as part of this week’s “Supressing Fire” theme.

Drum Gun

Lay down the rounds and make them eat a ton of lead to the sound of the “Chigaco Violin”. Spray and pray with this rifle powered sub-machine gun.

Fortnite Weapon - Drum Gun

Keep an eye out on the floor, search loot chests and check Vending Machines for this terrifyingly powerful weapon.

The Drum Gun comes in in 2 variants:

  • Uncommon
  • Rare

The weapon’s ammunition details are as follows:

  • 26/27 damage
  • Medium ammo type
  • 50 round magazine capacity

It’s American Independence Day week so we have been provided with some great new content centered around this:

  • Freedom Herald Pistol
  • Stars and Stripes Heroes

The Freedom Herald pistol is a bit of a firecracker.

Freedom Herald Pistol

Herald some freedom the American way by sending some 4th of July fireworks up Husks’ you know what!

Fortnite Weapon - Freedom Herald Pistol

Allows you to bounce firecrackers off of walls until they explode dealing knock-back and small radius AoE damage.

Stars and Stripes Heroes

Do you stand for truth, justice and The American Way? No? Neither do these guys but they look awesome!

Fortnite HEroes - Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes – Penny

Constructor class with Legendary Electro Pulse

Star and Stripes – A.C

Outlander class with Legendary Trailblaster

Fortnite Heading - Additional Details

The Stink Bomb has been re-added to Save the World Mode which deals AoE damage to anyone caught inside it’s ghastly cloud and the Lynx Assault Rifle has been added to The Weekly Store; a slow rate of fire but astonishingly accurate with massive headshot damage.

Note: Playground Limited Time Mode will be leaving July 12th.

Check out the official Fortnite Battle Royale news site for full patch details: Fortnite News at Epic Games

Fortnite Heading - Image Gallery

Please let me know how you feel about this week’s updates and news as I am sure some of you will have great opinions and I would love to hear them, so don’t be afraid to use the comments section below.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on the Battle Bus. Bye for now and take care,
Michael – Editor/Owner – ChartX Games.

You can view this week’s current video game charts here:

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