Fortnite on Next-Gen Consoles Will Use Unreal Engine 5

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Following last week’s impressive Unreal Engine 5 reveal, it has been confirmed that Fortnite on next-gen consoles will use the new game engine.

In a news post on their official site, Epic Games have stated that Unreal Engine 5 will be used on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of Fortnite.

They have been quick to point out that the game will remain unchanged, but will use the new game engine’s impressive new features made possible by more powerful hardware.

Fortnite will not be running on Unreal Engine 5 upon next-gen console launch but instead will remain on version 4 until the Summer of 2021.

Unreal Engine 5 Demo Highlights

Epic Games has also made a point of confirming that current and next-gen crossplay will be available and all progression will be carried over to next-gen consoles.

While being a little tight-lipped about how exactly the next game engine will impact the game, Epic Games have stated that performance and visuals will be improved.

That being said, the graphics aren’t the only impressive thing about Unreal Engine 5.

Physics, lighting and realtime character reactions are all part of the system which makes the game world even more realistic.

Unreal Engine 5 Demo - Tomb
Unreal Engine 5 Demo – Tomb Entrance

Also, Fortnite is not the only Battle Royale game that will be available on next-gen consoles.

While there haven’t been any details, it is safe to assume that there are plans for Apex Legends, Call of Duty and Overwatch when it comes to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X development.

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It would be ignorant to assume that their respective developers aren’t working on such titles at the moment and it’s exciting to think about what could be available at launch.

As the list of competitors for Fortnite grows, time will tell if the king will remain.

Unreal Engine 5 was revealed this week in an impressive video demonstration.

Unreal Engine 5 Demo - Statue
Unreal Engine 5 Demo – High Polygon Rendering

Running on PlayStation 5, the playable demo showcased some of the engine’s mind-blowing real-time rendering capabilities.

In a Tomb Raider-like game demo, a female character explores an ancient tomb with photorealistic graphics.

While the new Lumen lighting technology for this game is extremely impressive and a contender for Ray Tracing, it’s the engine’s 3D model rendering that stands out.

The graphics engine is able to render billions of polygons in a scene at any one time without affecting performance.

Realtime dynamic lighting is also possible and doesn’t require lighting map UV textures to be created.

Unreal Engine 5 Demo - Lighting
Unreal Engine 5 Demo – Lumen Dynamic Lighting

Basically, this game engine allows artists to focus purely on the CG assets in the game without worrying about polygon or memory limits.

The pure power of the graphics engine will allow video game artists to really create the game world envisioned by the team.

Finally, a quirky and really cool feature of Unreal Engine 5 is that it is fully forwards compatible.

So, even though it isn’t available to developers yet, they can begin projects in Unreal Engine 4 which can then be migrated to version 5 upon release early next year.

Fortnite with Unreal Engine 5 is currently scheduled for release in Summer 2021.

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