Fortnite Server Status Offline Ahead of v11.40

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The offline Fortnite server status isn’t such a bad thing as the game prepares for its first update in over a month as Epic Games employees return after the holidays.

Downtime for the hit online battle royale game Fortnite has begun as the developers initiate the game’s first update since before the holidays.

The latest update, version 11.40 is currently in the process of being added to the game and is expected to bring some new changes to the game as well as new cosmetics and weapons.

This means that the game is currently unavailable for play across all platforms.

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The platforms included in the server downtime are PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch Android and Mac O.S.

Because of the relatively long period between this and the last update, Fortnite bugs have begun to appear and version 11.40 should take care of many of the issues that have plagued Fortnite players for weeks.

Because of the developer’s high amount of attention to Fortnite, bugs are quite rare, however, the extended holiday period means that while taking their hard-earned break, bugs began to appear in the game.

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The latest patch that is due for completed maintenance today should quell most of the issues that players have been groaning about such as the Remedy vs Toxic mission that is all but broken due to mission-specific tasks not being checked as completed.

While nothing official has been shared by Epic Games about the new update, many online blogs and fansites have some accurate predictions.

Sidegrading is an expected new feature which allows players to upgrade weapons, increasing their range and damage.

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It is expected that version 11.40 will allow the Assault Rifle to be upgraded to a Heavy Assault Rifle with others expected to follow with future updates.

The requirements for Sidegrading have not been released however it is expected that specific materials may be needed in order to upgrade an item.

Some of the expected cosmetics in the game are the Mayan Lich styled Oro, the beast-like Kurohomura and the Eastern-themed Smoke Dragon.

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Fortnite officially was released in Summer 2017 and since then has had a groundbreaking impact on the gaming world.

Being hailed as the best battle royale game ever, Fortnite has become a cultural icon and reportedly earns Epic Games hundreds of millions of dollars per month.

Fortnite has also become a big player in the competitive eSports arena with gamers such as Twitch streamer Ninja becoming celebrities in their own right.

At their own Fortnite World Cup which was held in July 2019, Epic Games paid the winner, 16-year-old Kyle Giersdorf $3 million.

Adding to the success of the game is Epic Games’ commitment to providing players with a steady stream of updates.

Weekly updates are added to the game throughout the length of each season, usually in the form of new game modes, themed weapons and cosmetic costumes.

The game has recently undergone an overhaul which took the game offline for days and re-emerged as Fortnite Chapter 2.

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Chapter 2 changed many things including the game world, improved graphics, better control systems and increased stability.

At this point, Fortnite is an online gaming powerhouse that shows no signs of slowing down and with a very bright future so long as Epic continues their inspiring commitment to the game.

Fortnite is available free across all current generation console platforms, PC and mobile devices.

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