Fortnite Switch Crossplay Disabled Across Consoles

By | 13/03/2019

Plus: Google GDC Teaser, Take 2 Interactive Wins Again and Black Ops 4 Seasonal Update…

Fortnite Switch Crossplay no longer matched to consoles, Google teases more gaming, T2 wins in court again and Black Ops 4 gets updated for St. Patrick’s Day.



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  • Nintendo Switch Players No Longer Matched to PS4 and Xbox One Players in Crossplay
  • Google Reveals Another GDC 2019 Teaser Video
  • Take 2 Interactive Has Won Another Court Case Against  a Cheat Developer
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Updated to Version 1.14


Nintendo Switch Players No Longer Matched to PS4 and Xbox One Players in Crossplay

Following some big changes in yesterday’s version 8.10 update, Switch players won’t be matched to console players with cross play.

Fortnite Switch Crossplay

What this means is that Switch players will only be matched to rivals using iOS and Android, seemingly keeping medium types together. Mobile devices are only matched to mobile devices, and consoles to consoles.

The change has apparently been made because of hardware limitations on mobile devices, being that they just aren’t powerful enough to keep up with home consoles and PC. Some players were able to get kills in quicker due to the Switch’s 30 FPS frame rate cap.

While this may resolve some hardware issues, I can’t help but think how unbalanced this is for mobile phone users who don’t have the same degree of control. The Nintendo Switch’s control system is a huge advantage to users of the Switch over users of smartphones that don’t have the same responsiveness that a Switch controller can provide.

Epic games has commented that this will be a better experience overall, for everyone.

Well, not really.

The update has gone live as of yesterday and brought some nice content, including a Jurassic World style gyro vehicle and the return of a fan favorite Limited Time Mode:

Fortnite v 8.10 Patch Notes


Google has Revealed another Tease Concerning Their Entry Into the Games Industry

A new teaser trailer has been released showing various gaming genres in an exciting new video from Google. The video is apparently the full version of a single screenshot that was released last week that just showed a tunnel with light at the end.

The new video shows said tunnel, but also goes on to show similar long distance shots of a racing garage, an Elder Scrolls style dungeon and a Crysis or Call of Duty-like fuselage, among others.

The video ends with the date 03 19 19, and the phrase “Gather Around”. This is an obvious reference to this year’s Game Developer Conference of which Google has a keynote slotted for next Tuesday.

Rumors about Google’s entry into the games industry started years ago, however, last Autumn, the tech giant did start to test a cloud based gaming service in partnership with Ubisoft, when selected users tested Assassin’s Creed Odyssey using Google’s Chrome browser.

Not much is known about what Google is actually going to offer, whether it be a new console or a service, but it is widely believed it will be some kind of Netflix for gaming.

However, a recent image of a supposedly Google developed game controller has surfaced on the web. It has not been confirmed, as of yet, whether this image is genuine or not.

Google Yeti Controller

Various sources have also reported today that Jade Raymond has joined Google as a Vice President, which also signifies that Google is taking gaming seriously. Jade Raymond is a games industry legend, designing, developing and producing such games as The Sims Online, Assassin’s Creed and Watchdogs.

Jade Raymond

This year’s Game Developer Conference starts next week and because of the recent Google news, is set to be one of the most exciting in the show’s history.  


Take Two Interactive has Won Another Case Against a GTA V Cheat Developer

In an ongoing case, a Mr. Erik Cameron admitted to various charges including copyright infringement and breaching the terms of GTA 5’s End User License Agreement.

Take Two Interactive

A game’s EULA is a legally binding contract between a game’s publisher and the consumer. It usually covers basic copyright infringement criteria such as prohibiting the unlawful copying or public display of the media, but in many cases, especially for games, covers more complex subjects as well, such as altering the game or manipulating game code.

Mr. Cameron has subsequently been banned from developing or promoting such software that infringes these complex areas of the End User License Agreement, mainly, using software that alters any Take Two owned software.

Mr. Cameron has also agreed to pay an undisclosed sum to the game publisher.

The ruling comes as part of a recent wave of court cases against GTA 5 cheat developers that Take Two Interactive claim are costing them money and ruining the game for others.

As a frequent G T A Online player, I can say with confidence that this is absolutely true.

Hopefully this will deter future developers from taking such actions.  


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has Been Update to Version 1.14

As of 12th March 2019, Version 1.14 has been released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Coming as the most recent update for the latest season, Operation Grand Heist, this week’s update features new content, a special event and game play improvements.

Black Ops 4 Update

The Special Event is in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day and is for PlayStation 4 only.

The Seasonal Special Event named Shamrock and Awe brings some free content including:

  • Saint Patrick’s Day; Gesture and Calling Card.
  • Black Ops 3 Fracture style multiplayer mode; collect shamrocks and deposit them at a pot of gold.
  • Spring themed Blackout Map; adjusted lighting, flora and hidden treasure.
  • Classic Chaos story map; an Easter Egg is being hidden by Green Eyed Zombies.

  Multiplayer has also received some big updates this week:

  • Stockpile game mode has been added; collect tags from fallen enemies and deposit them to get team points.
  • Contraband Map; a massive hurricane has been spotted on the map.

Some game fixes to Multiplayer include:

  • Scorestreak Tuning adjusted so when friendly fire is enabled, the Thresher won’t deal damage to friendly players.
  • The Dart will no longer cause team punishment.
  • Pass holders can now access Casino in Hardpoint and custom playlists.

There are also many fixes and updates that can be viewed on the official patch notes, including changes to Blackout Zombies and Multiplayer:

Black Ops 4 v1.14 Full Patch Notes

The update is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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