5 Fun Things to Do in Lockdown for Gamers

By | 30/09/2020



It might seem like there’s no end to the misery with many games delayed because of Coronavirus and new restrictions being placed on us, so here are some fun things to do in lockdown for fellow gamers.

COVID-19 came, and so did lockdown.

Then things started to improve, and we were allowed out again while respecting social distance rules, of course.

But now things are getting uncertain again, with many local lockdowns taking place and changes to rules coming in to prevent the spread.

Fun Things to Do in Lockdown
Gaming Might be a Solution: Provided by Unsplash

With winter coming, being in lockdown is going to look very different, with colder weather and darker evenings making us all want to stay inside.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, with plenty of things to look forward to over the coming months.

Here are five ways to relieve the lockdown boredom.

Play Online Games

Online games are a great way to pass the time.

They’re easy to find, easy to play, and there are all kinds of games out there for you to try.

Hyper Scape from Ubisoft Game
Hyper Scape is the Latest Battle Royale Game

From online RPGs to Wonga Games, you can easily pass the time online.

Many online games have adopted the free-to-play model such as Fortnite, new FPS Hyper Scape and now Rocket League.

Fortnite is currently one of the most played and certainly most famous games around at the moment.

The Battle Royale title pits players against each other as they fight to be the last one standing.

Hyper Scape is similar to Fortnite with an emphasis on team-based battle, although this is optional.

FYI – Hyper Scape Gameplay (YouTube)

Rocket League is a team-based game where you have to play soccer in rocket-powered vehicles!

This may sound silly, but Rocket League has become one of the most played online games and has a large e-Sports following.

With its recent adoption of the free-to-play model, Rocket League is set to become one of the more popular games to play free online.

Just remember to take a break now and then to live in the real world!

Get Ready for the New Console Launches

While 2020, on the whole, has sucked, there is some light towards the end of this long tunnel.

This November sees the launch of the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 – both eagerly awaited by gamers all over the world.

Sony PlayStation 5 Console
PlayStation 5 Shortages May be Possible

Hyped press events from both manufacturers have fuelled the flames of the silly console war and news of release dates and prices broke the internet.

Last week’s reveals for dates and prices of both consoles had consumers doing a mad dash for online retailers whose websites ended up crashing.

Retailers such as GAME, Argos and even Amazon are struggling to keep up with demand, and many fear that shortages of the new machines may be to blame.

Not to worry though, as this happens with every console launch, and if people are patient enough they should have no problem getting their desired machine when they want it.

While you’ve still got a number of weeks before you can get your hands on them, you can pass the time by deciding on PS5 vs. Xbox Series X – which one will you buy?

Feed Your Marvel Addiction

Missing Marvel after the long gap since the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man in 2018?

Rejoin everyone’s favorite superheroes with Marvel’s Avengers.

Marvel's Avengers Screenshot
Marvel’s Avengers is Beginning to Come into its Own

The highly anticipated game got off to a shaky start with game-breaking bugs, matchmaking issues and a whole host of infuriating bugs.

That being said, despite the multitude of bugs and issues, an excellent main story campaign was hidden under the bug-ridden pile.

The good news is that it’s already gone through some improvements to iron out some of the initial issues.

Week one hotfixes were put in place while gamers eagerly awaited patch 1.3.0 which was released last week.

I’m happy to say that the game is pretty much fixed now and any issues are minimal.

The game has now been updated with new content such as Mega Hives and the first DLC hero is set to be released soon.

Marvel fans will be able to enjoy a lot of hours playing this over the coming months.

Get Ready for the Latest FIFA

A new football season means a new FIFA, and now that’s something to look forward to.

A new FIFA game sells amazingly well for EA Sports well into the next year.

FIFA 21 Screeenshot
FIFA 21 is Just Around the Corner

With FIFA 21, Ultimate Team is back featuring legends such as Eric Cantona, Ashley Cole and Fernando Torres.

It has also been confirmed that Paris Saint Germain forward Kylian Mbappe will be the cover star for the new release.

As one of the bestselling games in the world, it’s an eagerly anticipated release every year, bringing a bit of normality back for both football and gaming fans.

Rediscover Some Old Favourites

Lockdown has been a good time to reflect and appreciate some of the finer things, as well as a chance for some nostalgia.

So why not use this time to rediscover some of your old favorite games and remember what was so great about them.

Fallout 4 Screenshot
Fallout 4 is a Modern Classic

Some of the best video games of all time include The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and the Grand Theft Auto series.

While a new GTA is probably some time away yet, GTA Online is still regularly updated with new game modes and events.

Although Microsoft has recently purchased Elder Scrolls and Fallout owners Zenimax Media, that shouldn’t put you off playing some of their classics either.

FYI – Elder Scrolls 6 for PS5 Might not Happen

If, like me, you still haven’t finished the main stories for Skyrim and Fallout 4 because the worlds are so large, now might be a good time to revisit these amazing fantasies.

Because of their long stories and in-depth campaigns, Bethesda titles like these might be some of the best games to play in lockdown.

Dig them out from the archives and get ready to enjoy the greats again.

While the prospect of a winter lockdown is enough to bore anyone to tears, at least you know there’ll be enough to keep you occupied as far as gaming is concerned!

Stay safe, keep your distance, and get ready for an exciting winter of games.

5 thoughts on “5 Fun Things to Do in Lockdown for Gamers

  1. Shyla

    2020 overall has been a bust, that is pretty accurate. I do look forward to the new consoles and in the meantime I have been playing my old favorites. I still need to get the platinum trophy for ps4 on Skyrim. Working on that has kept me occupied for a while. I played Fallout 4 for so very long, but also got into Fallout 76 online with friends. It has improved greatly over time to my surprise.

    As a Playstation fan I will be a bit saddened to see Elder Scrolls go to Xbox exclusively although I understand the move that Bethesda needed to make for their betterment. Maybe I will be forced to get an Xbox this time? Maybe I will get both? Lol Either way, games are a fantastic way to stay occupied during this crazy time. Love your article.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi Shyla.

      Hopefully, Elder Scrolls and Fallout won’t go exclusive to Xbox, but given that MS will want to capitalize on their purchase, I’m not holding out much hope, that being said, I’ll just build myself a new PC, lol.

      We will just have to wait and see, as it would be silly for MS to half their potential sales and alienate more gamers.

      Good luck with that Platinum Trophy. I’m not a trophy hunter myself but I am an in-game collector. Just got Star Wars: Squadrons so I’m on the hunt for some stuff in their, Review soon.


  2. Ivan

    Awesome suggestions on what to do while this crazy lockdown is happening. I’m a big fan of sports games and I’m looking forward to see more from FIFA. It seems like EA has done a great job once again. It’s strange to see Kylian Mbappe as a cover start LOL Especially after they lost the Champion League finals vs Bayer. I think Muller would be a better choice. In any case, looking forward to these new releases. PS5 is coming!

    1. Sean Bennick


      I disagree with you there. Mbappe is a great choice for the cover, I think he represents the future of the sport well. Muller would have been a great choice as well, but you can’t take anything away from Mbappe’s skill.

      Anyway, it’ll be great to see how they are each handled in the new FIFA game.


    2. Michael Gore Post author

      Hey Ivan.

      I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about any sport which is why the FIFA section was a bit short so I can’t even comment on Mbappe as I don’t know anything about him except the team he plays for, lol.

      I watch the odd Liverpool match with my family, but it’s more to spend time with them. They are football crazy.

      EA do a great job though and the official licenses make the game extremely authentic and while I don’t know much about the sport, I used to play the FIFA games a lot with my friends, some good times there.



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