Gaming Shows of 2020 Go Ahead Despite Cancellation of E3

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Some gaming shows of 2020 are still planning their broadcasts ahead of E3’s cancellation.

Some of the biggest gaming shows have been canceled because of the Coronavirus issue.

The world’s largest gaming convention, E3, has been confirmed as being canceled for this year.

Blizzard Entertainment’s own gaming show, BlizzCon has also been confirmed as canceled until further notice.

Going ahead, the PC Gaming Show will be hosted by popular eSports personalities Sean Plott and Frankie Ward.

Airing on June 6, the show is set to be a mix of live-action and pre-recorded video including game footage, developer interviews and exclusive trailers.

PC Gaming Show 2020
PC Gaming Show 2020 – June 6, 10 am

The PC Gaming Show was initially set to run parallel to E3 as is the case with most gaming shows these days.

Other shows that were scheduled for E3 weekend that are still running include the Guerrilla Collective and the Future Games Show.

Guerrilla Collective is Guerilla Games’ own show where they are set to announce future projects.

The Future Games Show presented by Games Radar showcases upcoming gameplay, interviews and trailers from platforms across the board.

Gaming trade shows stepping out in their own is nothing new, and is, in fact, beginning to be the new way of doing things as was demonstrated by last year’s E3.

Future Games Show 2020
Future Games Show 2020 – June 6, 12 pm

E3 2019 saw companies such as Sony and Microsoft pull out of the popular convention in order to host their own shows which ran concurrently to the main attraction in Los Angeles.

Developers such as Blizzard Entertainment and Bethesda Games have also begun to follow this pattern as well.

With such large developers setting up their own conferences and E3 being cancelled this year, we could see the end of E3 as we know it.

According to official sales figures, the convention has been steadily losing sales and media coverage has declined.

Developers choosing to host their own shows gives them more control over their content, timings and crowd.

Guerrilla Collective 2020
Guerrilla Collective 2020 – June 6, 2:30 pm

It is, in all fairness, a better way to do it.

Currently scheduled for Saturday, June 6, all three of the mentioned shows can be watched sequentially:

  • Guerrilla Collective starts at 10 am
  • PC Gaming Show at 12 pm
  • Future Games Show at 2:30 pm

All times are in PDT so check your local times for the correct viewing schedule.

This means that the shows will air three hours later in EST regions:

  • Guerrilla Collective at 1 pm
  • PC Gaming Show at 3 pm
  • Future Games at 5:30 pm

For the U.K this means that shows will air at the following times:

  • Guerrilla Collective will air at 5 pm
  • PC Gaming Show at 7 pm
  • Future Games Show at 9:30 pm

All shows can be watched on various platforms including Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.

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