Get 3 Free Titles from Epic Games Store Giveaway

By | 19/07/2019
Get 3 Free Titles from Epic Games Store Giveaway



Three excellent games are being made available this week and next thanks to a generous Epic Games Store Giveaway, including Limbo, This War of Mine and Moonlighter.

Not content with having some of the world’s greatest games at low prices, Epic Games feels that they should give some away, beginning with the multi-award-winning and probably the most somber game ever made, the legendary indie game Limbo.

The classic indie platformer features a boy searching for his missing sister as he navigates the game world while trying to avoid all kinds of hazards such as boulders, cliff edges and giant spiders!

Originally released in 2010 by Playdead, the game is known for its excellent use of intuitive platformer mechanics never really seen before in such a game, such as dragging a dead body into a pond in order to use it as stepping stone.

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The game’s somber tone and black and white presentation add a macabre sense of despair to the unfolding story, which is in stark contrast to a platform games’ usual perky, bright and cartoonish demonstration

Limbo was a huge critical and commercial success, receiving scores such as 9 out of 10 from premier online game sites such as Gamespot and IGN.

The game also won numerous awards including “Best Indie Game” and “Game of the Year” from Spike Game Awards and BAFTA Game Awards respectively.

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Limbo is available free for PC via Epic Games Store until 25th July 2019.

This War of Mine is also being made available for free from Epic Games Store next week.

Released in 2014 by 11-Bit Studios, This War of Mine is a survival horror title of sorts where players must guide a group of civilians to safety during a bloody conflict in 1990s Sarajevo.

Being perceived from the perspective of a casualty rather than a soldier, This War of Mine is a twisted inversion of the usual war game that strives to bring home the reality of war through the medium of the video game rather than glorifying conflict by making war games fun, like Call of Duty.

Survival is made possible by the ability to craft tools and implements with which you can trade, use for shelter, cook with or develop into items of healing in order to help the wounded.

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Grouped with between one and four survivors at a time, the player can either be hindered or helped by any survivors in the group such as one survivor being a burden and therefore slowing down progress when venturing out, or being a good cook and being able to craft nutritious meals.

The game received a range of favorable reviews from mainstream outlets with Edge scoring it 9 out of 10 while Gamezone scored the game 7.5 out of 10.

Another title being made available for free is Moonlighter, an indie RPG game where the player runs a shop by day and gathers resources by night.

Released in 2018, also by 11-Bit Studios, Moonlighter is a strange take on the fantasy RPG genre, where as well as the usual dungeon looting and combat takes place, the player can invest gold into developing the village where the game is set.

Amenities such as blacksmiths and alchemists can be constructed in the town thereby adding more functionality to the game and effectively allowing the player to construct their own game world.

Such additions to the town also allow weapons and armor to be upgraded which can then be sold for profit or used when the character ventures out into dungeons during the night.

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Moonlighter received good reviews across the board of between 7 and 9 out of 10 and also won “Fan Favorite RPG” at Gamer’s Choice Awards.

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Both This War of Mine and Moonlighter will be available to download for free from Epic Games Store next week.

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