Ghost of Tsushima Online DLC Announced

By | 19/08/2020



A welcome and completely free DLC for one of the year’s biggest games has been announced with a Ghost of Tsushima online co-op mode titled “Legends”.

Ghost of Tsushima is the final exclusive title for the PlayStation 4 and the final title released by Sony Interactive Studios before their shift to PlayStation Studios.

Interestingly, the DLC has been released under PlayStation studios suggesting that it could see a PS5 release.

The game has been released to wide support, huge critical acclaim and excellent reviews from established online gaming websites.

Set in feudal Japan during a semi-fictionalized version of the first Mongol invasion in 1274, the game focuses on Jin Sakai as he embarks to reclaim Tsushima island from the invading Khan.

Since most Samurai on the island have been killed, Jin must utilize dishonorable techniques similar to that of the Ninja in order to succeed in his mission.

Ghost of Tsushima Sunset
Ghost of Tsushima’s Stunning Visuals

The game can be played with or without stealth and Samurai strategy such as sword-play has been excellently implemented.

The developer, Sucker Punch Productions has done an excellent job of providing an authentic Japanese and indeed Samurai feel to the game, owing much to Akira Kurosawa movies.

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The game was launched with no online features at all and minimal pre-order DLC so the announcement of a new online co-op mode is a welcome feature.

Ghost of Tsushima Kurosawa Mode
Ghost of Tsushima has a Kurosawa Mode

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends brings an entirely new story to the game and will not feature Jin Sakai or other characters from the game.

Instead, up to four players can choose from four classes from Tsushima myth and legend as they rid the island of an ancient evil.

A more supernatural take on the lore of the game, players can choose from Ronin, Samurai, Assassin and Hunter classes.

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In wave-based missions, two to four players can battle it out against dark forces inspired by Japanese mythology such as Oni.

Each wave will increase in difficulty and careful planning with other players will be required to defeat enemy hordes.

As of yet, there aren’t any full details but it has been confirmed that character customization and class abilities will be included when the game launches.

Ghost of Tsushima Legends
Ghost of Tsushima Legends – Supernatural Influence

A further “Raid” mode will also be included that will feature a new game world location.

It isn’t yet clear whether the DLC or any further DLC will add anything to the story mode of the game.

While there are already quite a few costume unlocks included in story mode, customization mostly consists of recolors for existing outfits.

Ghost of Tsushima - Classes
Ghost of Tsushima Legends – Character Customization will Feature

Hair styles, weapons and armors would be a great addition to an already perfect game.

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends release date has not yet been confirmed but is set to arrive soon.

The completely free DLC is for PlayStation 4 only and will require a PS Plus subscription.

4 thoughts on “Ghost of Tsushima Online DLC Announced

  1. Melissa Jiggetts

    I am so excited to hear that a DLC is coming out for this game! Although I haven’t gotten to enjoy it myself because I am epileptic and can’t play games like I used to, I have watched my husband play the game as much as I can stand. I really like the gameplay. It reminds me of Onimusha a little bit. Love that the DLC is free, can’t wait to check it out!

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi Melissa, thanks for commenting.

      I’m sorry to hear that your epilepsy restricts your gaming.

      I’m also epileptic but I have focal epilepsy so I don’t get seizures from playing games.

      The gameplay of Ghost of Tsushima is excellent and while there are some elements similar to Onimusha since Onimusha is also based on Samurai, it is very different.

      While Onimusha is a fictional hack and slash semi-horror action title, Ghost is more of a realistic action game set in a large open world.

      The new DLC, while looking good and is certainly welcome, is slightly disappointing due to the fact that it is co-op only; I don’t play well with others! 😛

      It might be a long shot, but perhaps you could play in short bursts and limit your photosensitivity.

      Anyway, I wish you luck and thanks a lot for commenting.


      1. Melissa Jiggetts

        I have tried to play in short burst, evem tried fully lit rooms and made sure I was far from the television. I think it has to do with the advancement in the technology. The 4k tvs are making it harder for my brain to handle, hehe. Thanks for the advice!

        1. Michael Gore Post author

          I’m sorry to hear that.

          You could try changing the resolution on the TV and see how that goes.



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