Ghostbusters Game Remastered Release Date Confirmed

By | 05/08/2019
Ghostbusters Game Remastered Release Date Confirmed



The upcoming improved version of the Ghostbusters Game remastered has been given an official release date that should get you in the Halloween mood.

There’s some good news today as we have been given an official release date for the remastered version of Ghostbusters: The Video Game.

Originally released in 2009 after development by Terminal Reality (known for the Bloodrayne series of games) and published by Atari and Sony Computer Entertainment, Ghostbusters was expected to be a smash hit.

The game was released to mixed reviews from established gaming review outlets with Gamespot and IGN awarding the game 7.5 and 8 out of 10 respectively.

Owing to the fact that the movie’s original cast and crew were on board with the project, the game retained the excellent humor of its cinema counterpart and much of the lore was intact.

Ghostbusters the Game Screenshot 03
Ghostbusters: The Video Game (2009)

However, it seemed that more attention was paid to getting the game to feel right rather than to the actual gameplay.

While using a proton pack and a ghost trap was excellently implemented and was always fun, the story of the game and how it played out, especially in terms of boss battles, started to feel repetitive and left you wanting more.

Ghostbusters the Game Screenshot 01
Ghostbusters: The Video Game (2009)

Possibly due to the licensing fees the game was also very short in length with no real replayability incentives on offer and the game also suffered some serious glitches, even some that would cause mission-specific required items to not appear.

All in all though, the game was very enjoyable and Terminal Reality made excellent use of the movie licenses and talent made available to them, something which is very rare for a video game.

Ghostbusters the Game Screenshot 02
Ghostbusters: The Video Game (2009)

So when it was announced in May this year that we would be getting a remastered version of Ghostbusters, the gaming world got very excited.

This is an opportunity to put right some of the technical issues that plagued the game and polish the visuals for a modern gaming experience.

Ghostbusters Game Remastered Screenshot 01
Ghostbusters: The Video Game – Remastered (2019)

Basically, we may now get the Ghostbusters game that we should have had in the first place.

It has been confirmed that the original cast will be back to provide more dialogue for the remaster, minus, of course, the late Harold Ramis who played Egon Spengler, whom sadly passed away in 2014.

Ghostbusters Game Remastered Screenshot 02
Ghostbusters: The Video Game – Remastered (2019)

Due to what we already know we can expect an immersive experience with the bells and whistles of an HD and 4K era game.

In an interview for the official PlayStation Europe blog, the game’s producer Matt McKnight stated:

All of the -in-game videos and cutscenes were found on a hard drive in storage from one of the original creators and remastered in 4K HD. The great storytelling and audio has all been preserved while enhanced textures and lighting complete the package.”

It appears that the restorative team is working very hard to bring this remastered version to gaming audiences and according to the official website for the game, new content will also be included.

Ghostbusters Game Remastered Screenshot 03
Ghostbusters: The Video Game – Remastered (2019)

Of course, Ghostbusters isn’t the only cult classic game to be getting a face lift either.

Earlier this year it was confirmed that the alien invasion, B-movie parody “Destroy All Humans!” is also in the process of receiving the remastered treatment.

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Ghostbusters is scheduled for release on October 4th, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Epic Games Store.

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