Google Closes YouTube Gaming

By | 31/05/2019
Google Closes YouTube Gaming



Following their 2018 announcement, Google has closed their YouTube Gaming app as of 29th May 2019.

Google has announced the closure of it’s popular YouTube Gaming app for Smartphones.

In a statement, Google have stated that they “Want to continue to build a stronger home for the gaming community“.

Launched in 2015, the YouTube Gaming App was placed as a stand-alone app, separate from the official YouTube app for Smartphones.

The app was developed as a streaming and video broadcast platform similar to Twitch and focused solely on providing gaming related content.

The concept was sound as the platform filtered out any content that wasn’t purely game related and tied in with YouTube’s acquisition of meant that only the best gaming videos were provided.

However, despite the excellent app and the content it provided, Google has decided to revamp the way it brings gaming content to users.

Google has stated that gaming content can still be accessed using the traditional YouTube app and indeed

This news also comes a couple of months after Google closed down it’s popular Google+ social media platform.

Google+ was developed as a direct rival and alternative to Facebook, however it has since been closed down due to low consumer adoption.

There are currently approximately 200 million YouTube Gaming users that will be affected by this change.

In order to retain content and settings etc., Google has informed users that they will need to merge YouTube Gaming and YouTube subscriptions via YouTube Gaming app.

As for streaming, users will now need to use the traditional YouTube Live function instead of YouTube Gaming.

While this may be bad news at the moment for gamers, YouTube can still provide a solid gamer focused experience.

I would expect Google to develop a new platform or function as an alternative while they seek to provide a better user experience across all of their suites.

As of May 29th 2019 YouTube Gaming app for Smartphones is officially closed.

You can check the current game charts using the links below:

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2 thoughts on “Google Closes YouTube Gaming

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi Kayin.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Although it is closing, the platform is being moved to the traditional website.

      I don’t think anyone will be negatively impacted however it will cause some headaches.



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