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By | 24/07/2019
GTA Online The Diamond Casino and Resort



Being labeled as “Opening Soon” since day one of the launch of GTA Online, the casino has now received a massive makeover and is now open with casino classic games.

In the new GTA Online DLC, after a very long wait of almost five years, the Diamond Casino and Resort is now open, giving GTA Online players a new set of story missions and various gambling activities as well as the expected several new vehicles.

GTA Online Diamond Casino and Resort Official Trailer

The highly anticipated gaming establishment has been hyped over the past few weeks while Rockstar Games teased gamers with construction props placed around the original casino.

The dated and boring original facade of the property is gone and the building now boasts a glamorous new look which includes a glitzy building makeover, a vehicle valet port, and improved car parking facilities.


As you get closer to the facility the beautifully designed branding, along with the flashy billboards let you know that you have now arrived at the Diamond Casino and Resort.

The Diamond Casino and Resort Exterior

Facilities of the Diamond Resort and Casino include:

  • Table Games
  • Slot Machines
  • Lucky Wheel
  • Master Penthouse
  • Car Parking
  • Personal Garage Space

Pull up to the valet, throw him your keys and come inside this one-stop-shop for all your gaming needs.

The Casino Floor – Win or Lose, Just Don’t Ask for Credit

Gambling casinos are where dreams can come true and be shattered in equal measure. Win big or lose even bigger by taking part in all of the gambling activities you would expect from a modern casino.


Note: Chips are required from the Cashier in order to participate in any amenities in the Diamond Casino.

Blackjack – Count those Cards

Blackjack or 21 as it is sometimes known, is the game of choice for card counters and is perhaps one the most popular casino card games because of it’s relatively easy system and fairer odds.

GTA Online Diamond Casino Blackjack

In a four-card draw, try to beat the dealer by getting as close to but not over 21 as possible.

With each draw of the card, you can choose to hold, canceling any further card draws for yourself, or you can choose to “hit”, therefore giving you another draw and another opportunity to get closer to 21.

Be careful though because if you go over 21 you will “bust out” and lose the round, forfeiting your bet.

Three Card Poker – Quick Draw Gambling

Bet big and think fast in a three-card variant of the game that delivers all the tension and stress of traditional poker in a fraction of the time.

All of the same rules apply, only you have a smaller chance of winning since you only have three cards to show.

GTA Online Diamond Casino Poker

Up the ante or bet on a pair plus as you prepare to hold the best hand in the group or beat the dealer. Flush, run or pair your way to riches or most likely lose it all in hand you were certain was the best.

Roulette – Take a Chance

The little wheel of chance that can’t be cheated, Roulette has been a gambling favorite for three hundred years.

Place wagers on black, white and numbers either in combinations or as a single placement in order to beat the house and reap big winnings.

GTA Online Diamond Casino Roulette

Roulette is a pure game of chance and can reward you huge amounts of money or empty your bank account quicker than a greased Thrax on a drag race at LSIA.

Inside Track Virtual Horses – Empty Gee-Gee

In a time of decadent excess not seen since the 1980s, modern-day lifestyles of the rich and famous seem the be all that anybody wants.

In a flagrant act of defiance and wastage, Inside Track betting has shown their complete disregard for premium land and completely ignored the fact that there is a perfectly fine horse track right outside the building.

GTA Online Diamond Casino Inside Track Virtual Horses

You can now play “The Sport of Kings” from the comfort of a plush chair using an HD display as you stare blankly at the odds while drinking your 5th complimentary Macbeth whiskey as your bank account rapidly depletes.

Watch as animated horses move across a giant screen while you try your best to gauge any sort of reasonable explanation as to why you chose a particular horse other than its funny name.

Slot Machines – Bandits Everywhere

The lifeblood of any commercial gambling establishment, the slot machines are dotted all over the casino floor.

GTA Online Diamond Casino Slot Machines

You too can place bet after bet and coin after coin into these one-armed cash vacuums as you get mulled into a false sense calm by the flashing lights and convince yourself this is a game of skill.

Get lucky however and you can certainly win big, just don’t expect it any time soon.

The Lucky Wheel – Your One-a-Day

Perhaps one of the biggest attractions to the Diamond Casino and Resort is The Lucky Wheel. A giant rotunda of dreams where everyone can play for free.

Diamond Casino and Resort Lucky Wheel

Once per day you can spin the wheel for a chance to win chips, cash, RP, exclusive clothing, discounts, and even this week’s prize podium vehicle.


The Master Penthouse – One Sweet Suite

Gambling whales and weenies alike need somewhere to relax after drinking a small country’s worth of Pissawasser in order to try and forget how much they just lost playing Blackjack for sixteen hours straight.

If you want the luxury of the Richards Majestic apartments with all the amenities and distractions required to fuel your Millennial eight-second attention span, then the Diamond Casino Resort Penthouse was made for you.

Click to enlarge…

Starting at $1.5 million, you too can have a customizable open-plan lounge area larger than most flats with a panoramic view bedroom for waking up to all the glorious sights Vinewood has to offer.

The Penthouse also provides access to an exclusive rooftop terrace complete with full views of the surrounding area and a dazzling infinity pool.

GTA Online Penthouse Roof Terrace Infinity Pool

In addition, Penthouse owners get access to other facilities such as a spacious office, spa area complete with a personal stylist, a media room, bar & party area, a personal dealer and private parking garage – all at an exuberant additional price of course.

Now that you are a member of the Diamond Family, you need to defend the family business; Head of Operations, Agatha Baker will be in touch soon.

Office – All Play Needs Some Work

Each Penthouse Suite comes with the option of an office area.

As every CEO or Club President knows, a good office is key to running an organization well.

GTA Online Penthouse Office

Full internet access is provided as well as fully vertical walls to show off your neo-hyper artwork while also providing an excellent place to store guns and cash.

The office also comes with a large display cabinet for exhibiting your most valued trinkets and awards. Work in style as you enjoy breathtaking views of the Tatavian Mountains.

Spa – Relax in Personal Style

Nothing says opulence like a fully marbled room with running waterfalls and a built-in hot tub as you bathe to the sounds of whalesong.

GTA Online Penthouse Spa

Relax in style then get a makeover courtesy of your very own personal groom who is more than willing to cut you a new hairstyle or trim your beard, all the while being as sassy as you would expect from a Vinewood stylist.

Media Room – Enjoy the Latest Movies

Being part of the Diamond crowd now means that you never have to watch a movie while trying to fit your slightly oversized derriere into a tiny, uncomfortable seat.

Get exclusive access to the latest Vinewood movies to be enjoyed in the quiet comfort of your very own media room complete with Don’t Cross the Line multiplayer game.

Bar & Party Area – Keep the Fun Going

For an additional price, extend the functionality of your Lounge Area with a custom bar area.

The bar & party area also provides access to two retro arcade classic games, Persuade 2 and Street Crime: Gang Wars Edition.

Private Parking – A Grand Theft Auto Free Zone

Keep all of your four-wheeled babies safe in a fully secure underground parking facility with 24-hour surveillance and exclusive access just for you.

Diamond Casino Penthouse Private Parking Space

Accessible directly from your Penthouse elevator you will never have to leave your home to get to your car again.


Additional Advantages – Exclusive Elitism

More services are provided for resident members of the resort.

Click to enlarge…

Such services and utilities include:

  • Valet Parking
  • Champagne Service
  • Aircraft Concierge
  • Limousine Service
  • Members Parties
  • V.I.P Lounge
  • High Limit Tables

The Diamond Membership – Gets You through the Doors

For the very low price of just $500 the Diamond Casino and Resort offers a V.I.P membership.

GTA Online The Diamond Program

Membership includes:

  • 1 free spin of The Lucky Wheel (Daily)
  • 1000 Casino Chips (Daily)
  • Access to the Management Area

The Casino Store – You Can’t Buy these Anywhere Else

Carefully positioned on the way out is the Diamond Casino Store, purveyors of exclusive clothing, accessories and decorative items for your Penthouse Suite.

GTA Online Diamond Casino Store

The stock of the casino store changes each week so check back regularly to see what exclusive items you can get your hands on.

Note: Only chips are exchangeable in the store.

New Vehicles – A Nice Selection

The latest GTA Online DLC comes with a small, albeit varied selection of new road vehicles.

However, the usual drip-feed content is to be expected as the rest of the DLC from this particular expansion gets rolled out.

The latest vehicles released include:

  • Truffade Thrax
  • Annis S80RR
  • Enus Paragon R
  • Obey 8F Drafter
  • Weeny Issi Sport
  • Vapid Caracara 4×4

Click to enlarge…

Note: There are no aircraft of seafaring vehicles in this update.

A Flawed Diamond

In the new Grand Theft Auto casino update, The Diamond Casino and Resort brings with it a bunch of features that fans have requested for years.

Games of chance and Penthouse living are all well and good, and Rockstar Games has delivered these in an excellent fashion.

Diamond Casino and Resort Exterior Night

However, the lack of a new money-making business, which could have easily been included in a casino update, is a little disappointing.

That being said, the story missions concerning the hostile takeover reward a good amount of money for first-time completion totaling $1 million.

There are also casino based side missions for Agatha Baker that can be undertaken by any CEO or Motorcycle Club President that reward generous amounts of cash, RP and chips.

GTA Online Contact Agatha Baker

The inclusion of features such as a limousine service and helicopter service is all well and good, but seeing that we don’t actually get to enjoy the ride seems a little pointless.

Other features such as the office, which costs a lot of money, I feel is also a lost opportunity to consolidate business affairs, but there is no business-related apps at all, just normal internet access.

However, one thing that I am excited about, as are others, is the ability to now collect and place items, whether they are purchased from the casino store or earned as rewards.

Diamond Casino Champagne Service

All in all, this is an excellent DLC that provides a lot of additional fun from the usual GTA activities, and playing them feels like a nice distraction from doing the usual supply and sales missions over and over.


Making money in GTA Online has never been easier and that money has to go somewhere, so why not have some fun in Diamond Casino and Resort – just be careful not to gamble it all away.

You can check the current game charts using the links below:

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  1. Angela

    Hi Michael

    Whilst l have to say that l have never been a fan of games online, l must say that for those that are, this is once heck of a great looking site.
    I still have a long way to go on mine but this looks clean and complete, and you also have Lewis Hamilton there my favourite racing driver. Being a Brit l’m biased though. I would be visiting your site over and over again if l were an online gamer but have no time for this in my life. I think you are going to to start making some great money with this very soon.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi Angela and thanks for the nice comments.

      ChartX Games covers gaming from all platforms and not only online games, so if you are interested in a game then you can either use the Search Bar to find information or use the Contact Form at the bottom of the page and enquire. I would be more than happy to research a game for you.

      Glad you like the site,

  2. Andy

    I haven’t played GTA for a while but somehow this game always drags me back! I can’t wait to play and hopefully not lose all my money at once. Great informative post, I’m sure ill be hooked in for the next month or so. One of the new car releases the Truffade Thrax looks sick! Thanks for the article gives me a good heads up on what to expect.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hey Andy.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Rockstar Games does have a way of pulling back players with their great DLC.

      After having played through the new update I can honestly say that it is worth it as the story missions are great fun.

      While you need to purchase a Penthouse for $1.5 million, you will get that money back from completing the missions for the first time, plus a great bonus reward.

      You can also get a good amount of chips to use in the casino from doing Agatha Baker’s contact missions.

      … and the Thrax does indeed look sick. ­čśÇ

      Have fun in The Diamond Casino and Resort.



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