GTA Online Doomsday Week Debuts New Hypercar

By | 22/02/2019
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Includes: Double GTA Online Cash for Doomsday Finales, Brand New Hypercar and FREE $250K Cash

GTA Online Doomsday week brings double GTA$ for Heist Finales, the Principe Deveste Eight supercar and a free T-Shirt. Plus $250K log in bonus and Arena War double money and RP.


Arena War content brings us another superb car, and this time, there’s no messing around. This is one serious mother.

There’s also some serious money to be made this week as well:

  • Double Cash for Doomsday Heist.
  • Double Cash for Arena War Contests.
  • FREE $250,000 Log In Bonus

There’s also an exclusive, FREE Principe Manufacturer T-Shirt to be had, just for logging in.

Plus we have all the usual discounts on some of GTA Online’s more expensive items.


The first new Hypercar in a while, the Principe Deveste Eight makes a dramatic entrance for Principe into the motorcar world, having previously only manufactured motorcycles.

GTA Online Vehicle Principe Deveste Eight Promo

Here’s what Rockstar Games has to say:

It began as little more than a myth: whispers on the dark net that Principe’s top engineers were working on their first ever supercar. Then the myth became a legend: a few leaked photographs so provocative that possession was a federal crime. Then the legend became a rumor: a car so exclusive no one could confirm it existed in the real world. And now, thanks to you, that rumor is about to become a very messy headline. “

GTA Online Vehicle Principe Deveste Eight

The stats for this devastatingly supreme supercar as as follows:

  • Top Speed: 4.6
  • Acceleration: 5
  • Braking: 1.8
  • Traction: 4.1

The Principe Deveste Eight is available now from Legendary Mortorsport for $1,795,000.

Principe Manufacturer T-Shirt

As a thank you for spending all that money on a car you would be too scared to take on the road, Principe have made available their classy manufacturer T-Shirt for anyone.

GTA Online Principe Manufacturer T Shirt

Just log in any time this week to receive your free gift.

New items in GTA Online can be expensive. Feel the warm hand of credit from Shark Card at CD Keys.


There’s a lot of money to be made this week, if you are willing to put in the work, plus there’s some free money.

The Doomsday Heist

The Doomsday Heist Finales are offering double GTA Online cash and RP for successful completion.

  • The Data Breaches
  • The Bogdan Problem
  • The Doomsday Scenario

Rockstar’s $1million Giveaway

You can get $250,000 just for logging in at any time this weekend; any time Saturday or Sunday.

If you have been logging in for the past three weekends, then this will conclude the $1 million giveaway from Rockstar.

This week’s log in bonus will be paid in to your Maze Bank account next weekend.


Tying in to the Doomsday week theme, some very generous discounts have been applied to Doomsday Heist content including Facilities, special vehicles and powerful military hardware.

Vehicle Discounts

This week’s vehicle discounts could save you a lot of money since some of the game’s more expensive special vehicles are on offer.

Click to enlarge…

Aircraft Discounts

Join the fight in the sky or assert your aerial dominance with this week’s aircraft discounts on some very scary items.

Click to enlarge…

Property Discounts

When you buy this week’s discounted aircraft and military vehicles, you’re going to need somewhere to store them, right?

  • Hangars – 40% off
  • Facilities – 30% off
  • Facility Renovations – 30% off


There’s good news for racers this week because this week’s GTA Online premium race will be rewarding GTA Online cash for the final three and triple GTA Online RP regardless of your final position in the race.

  • Premium Race: Green Machine
  • GTA Online Cash: rewarded for positions 1, 2 and 3
  • GTA Online RP: Triple for everyone

This week’s GTA Online time trial will be rewarding GTA Online cash and GTA Online RP for beating the par time set for the race.

  • Time Trial: Mount Gordo
  • GTA Online Cash: rewarded for beating par time
  • GTA Online RP: rewarded for beating par time


An exciting supercar debut from Principe with the Deveste Eight this week makes for a good excuse to partake in all manner of illegitimate activities in order to get some cold, hard cash; if only to have a genuine reason to wear the free manufacturer T-Shirt.

Not a ton of cash bonuses but they have the potential to make you a lot of money this week.

  • Double Money Doomsday Heist Finales
  • 250K Login Bonus.
  • Arena War Double Cash and RP.

Don’t forget: to claim your free 250k, you must log in at the weekend, Saturday or Sunday.

You don’t need a Facility to participate in Doomsday heist finales, but it helps if you want to complete the entire scenario, so take advantage of the Facility discount this week as it’s usually pretty expensive.

Some of the game’s exotic vehicles are also on offer this week and they too are usually insanely expensive. The Deluxo and Stromberg are extremely powerful assets to have when out in the world, and can mean the difference between mission success or failure.

If you don’t have the time, then consider some help. Feel the warm hand of credit from Shark Card at CD Keys.

You can see full details of this week’s GTA Online events at the official Rockstar Games Events page: Social Club Events

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I would love to hear what you think of this week’s discounts in this GTA Online Weekly update, and what you think is coming next. So, please share your thoughts on GTA Online in the comments section below.

The coming weeks could see some big updates, so take advantage of the discounts and double cash bonuses, and get earning some GTA Online cash, as the best is probably yet to come.

Thanks for reading and have fun in GTA Online.

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