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Grand Theft Auto Online Weekly Update

It’s that time of the week we all look forward to in Grand Theft Auto Online, the massively popular online component of the hugely successful Grand Theft Auto V, and that is the GTA Online weekly update.

It’s an unprecedented week for GTA Online this week as there are no new vehicles, no new adversary mode and very few discounts. This is the second week running that there has been no new vehicle in GTA Online, something which Rockstar has never done before. This is something which is going to be controversial and I would like to hear what you guys think so leave some comments below.

That being said there are some (although few) additions to the game and a few discounts on expensive vehicles for you to spend your GTA Online cash and show off to your friends. There is a new race mode for GTA Online this week as the next chapter in Southern San Andreas Super Sports Series opens up which adds thirty new stunt races and double GTA Online cash and RP for these Special Vehicle races and Special Vehicle Work available from the executive office.

GTA Online Special Vehicle Races Promotional

Here’s what Rockstar Games has to say:

Swerve around underwater mines, glide through sunny mountain ranges and boost through air gates as you compete in the latest addition to the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series.”

Here’s the new races:

Imponte Deluxo Races

  • Stadium Flyover: The whole stadium is on its feet waiting for the all-American finale: a low-level flyover by levitating sports cars.
  • Raton Race: Raton Canyon is the kind of rugged terrain that makes any red-blooded adrenaline junkie reach for their climbing boots— or the keys to their flying car.
  • Cresting: Whether you’re driving, surfing the waves, soaring above the mountains, or doing all the above in your Deluxo – there’s nothing quite like the San Andreas coastline.
  • Techno: This is no edible-fueled night in Los Santos – when your car takes off and starts flying, that’s every bit as real as the psychedelic tunnels and rings of fire.

Ocelot Stromberg Races

  • Spindrift: As an underwater labyrinth strewn with naval mines gradually reveals itself, try to remember that every moment of paralyzed terror is a moment off your lap time.
  • The Kraken: Fair warning. If you’ve ever had bad calamari, this one is probably not for you.
  • Plunge: Every pro racer knows to keep a finger on submersible mode when there’s suddenly no more track and you’re soaring into the stratosphere with only the ocean as your landing pad.

Mammoth Thruster Races

  • Vinewood Air Tours: Welcome to the high life— the neon glow of the city, the Vinewood sign shining from the hills, 1,000 pounds of thrust roaring at your back and the prospect of horrifying mid-air collisions.
  • Chiliad Drop: One minute you’re soaring over the summit of Mount Chiliad, the next you’re strafing into a cliff with only some rocket fuel and the promise of bragging rights to cushion the blow.
  • FlyLo Challenge: The survival rate in a Los Santos road tunnel at rush hour could only get lower if road-raging maniacs ditched their cars and used jetpacks instead. But that would never happen.

GTA Online Discounts

Only vehicles are discounted this week, more specifically special vehicles from the Doomsday heist and Cunning Stunts. The vehicle discounts come courtesy of the next chapter of Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series: Special Vehicle Races.

If you took part in last week’s “Smuggler’s Week” then you may have earned enough GTA Online cash to contribute towards one of these powerful new weaponised, high performance machines.

Vehicle Discounts

Although they are few, there are some discounts on “Special” vehicles this week. This can be taken as good news since they are amongst the most expensive items in the game and are considered novelty vehicles.

You can find all of these vehicles with a 25% discount on Warstock Cash and Carry in-game website:

Mammoth Thruster

Jetpack which came as part of the Doomsday heist, discounted to $2,743,125.

GTA Online Mammoth Thruster jetpack

Imponte Deluxo

Flying car based on an iconic 80’s movie which came as part of the Doomsday Heist. Discounted at $2,665,500.

GTA Online Impone Deluxo image

Imponte Ruiner 2000

Very fast and agile weaponised sports car based on an iconic 80’s TV show. Discounted at $4,309,200.

GTA Online Imponte Ruiner 2000 image

Rocket Voltic

Insane sports car with a jet engine attached. Discounted at $2,872,800.

GTA Online Rocket Voltic image

Blazer Aqua

Genius all terrain, amphibious vehicle. Discounted at $1,316,700.

GTA Online Blazer Aqua image

Ocelot Stromberg

Submersible 80’s style sports car based on a James Bond vehicle. Discounted at $2,389,013.

GTA Online Ocelot Stromberg image

GTA Online Cash and RP Bonus Races

Premium Race

There’s good news for racers this week because this week’s GTA Online premium race will be rewarding GTA Online cash for the final three and triple GTA Online RP regardless of your final position in the race.

GTA Online Downtown Loop premium race image

  • Race: Downtown Loop
  • GTA Online Cash: rewarded for positions 1, 2 and 3
  • GTA Online RP: Triple for everyone

Time Trial

This week’s GTA Online time trial will be rewarding GTA Online cash and GTA Online RP for beating the par time set for the race.

  • Race: Fort Zancudo
  • GTA Online Cash: rewarded for beating par time
  • GTA Online RP: rewarded for beating par time

See You Next Week…

So, quite a disappointing week if I may say so. The discounted vehicles are certainly welcome and a new race mode is always fun, but the fact that there are no new vehicles seems a little stingy. I personally think that this has been done as part of a suprise release (I certainly hope so) where Rockstar is going to give us something more substantial next week.

I would like to hear your speculation on this so leave some comments below.

The coming weeks should see the usual new vehicles and game modes so take advantage of the discounts, get earning some GTA Online cash and get racing as the best is probably yet to come.

Thanks for reading and have fun in GTA Online.

Grand Theft Auto V continues to do well almost five years after initial release and is available for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

You can check the current game charts using the links below:

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