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By | 24/07/2018

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It’s finally here and what a wait it has been. Never has a popular game’s DLC been so eagerly anticipated than GTA Online: After Hours, also known as the Nightclub DLC, which has dropped as part of this week’s GTA Online Weekly Update. The latest update for Rockstar Games’ massive open-world, MMO, crime epic Grand Theft Auto Online is not only extremely fun to play and manage, it injects some much needed “story” life into the online component of Grand Theft Auto V.

Upon acquiring a club and then playing through the introductory missions you will find yourself giggling along to the genuine laugh-out-loud moments courtesy of that GTA humour we all know and love and haven’t really seen since the story mode of GTA V.

The new update begins in four stages:

  1. Purchase a club; there are various locations around Los Santos.
  2. Get the staff for the club; picking them up from around the city and transporting them back to the club.
  3. Steal some audio equipment; steal a festival bus out in the desert.
  4. Get your first resident DJ; a very fun and humourous mission.

There is also a lot more for you to discover with this DLC which I will cover as we go along, so read on for more information on GTA Online: After Hours.

Acquiring and Customising Your First Nightclub

Getting your first club is easy. As usually goes with these new DLCs, get onto the web via your phone or a computer and enter Maze Bank Foreclosures. From there select one of the nightclubs from various locations around Los Santos.

The nightclub prices range from the cheapest at $1,080,000 located on Elysian Island industrial area, to the most expensive at $1,700,000 located in the trendy West Vinewood Boulevard. Don’t be put off by going for the cheaper alternatives as just with MC Clubhouses and Executive Offices there are no differences in the properties; you are paying for being in a more convenient location and for exterior cosmetics.

Whilst in the buying process the nightclubs can be customised.

Style – Set the Tone

There are three style options to choose from:


GTA Online Nightclub Style - Concrete

A more basic decorating style for the real underground feel.


GTA Online Nightclub Style - Plush





Stylish decor for a more intimate and darker feel.


GTA Online Nightclub Style - Opulent

A decor that screams extravagance in that way only Tony Prince himself can do.

Click to enlarge…

Lighting Rigs – Set the Mood

There are four lighting rigs to choose from and thanks to the magnificence of LED lighting the possibilities are endless:


GTA Online Nightclub Lighting - Cathedral

Just like the night sky.

Lightning Storm

GTA Online Nightclub Lighting - Storm

A fast paced geometric light show.


GTA Online Nightclub Lighting - Surge

Mind-blowing ribbon lighting.


GTA Online Nightclub Lighting - Dazzle

An intense laser show.


Click to enlarge…

Nightclub Name

The name of your club cannot be customised but there are however various names to choose from with designs and logos of which there are three that will match your chosen nightclub style, or you can choose from any of the nine:


  • Omega
  • Studio Los Santos
  • Galaxy

Click to enlarge…



  • Gefangnis
  • Maisonette Los Santos
  • Technologie

Click to enlarge…



  • Paradise
  • The Palace
  • Tony’s Fun House

Click to enlarge…

Nightclub Dancers

There are various dancers layouts and styles to choose from for your nightclub, whether you want same sex or mixed sex, dressed in black, white or glowing body paint.

Click to enlarge…

Other Nightclub Options

Other options for the Nightclubs include storage for products and vehicles, for both of which you can purchase basement levels at additional costs.

Dry ice can also be purchased for your club to be used at special parts of a DJ’s set.

After purchasing your nightclub you will receive a message from Tony Prince asking you to come to the club so you can begin the set-up of the business. You will also unlock a Maisonette 9 T-shirt.

GTA Online After Hours Screenshot - Tony Prince

You will need to complete three missions to get your club up and running:

  1. Recruiting the base staff for your club; bouncer, bar tender and tech guy.
  2. Acquiring equipment for your club; this means you need to steal a party bus full of audio equipment from the a rave in the desert.
  3. Getting your first resident DJ; Solumun is having a little trouble on his private jet and you need to help him out.

These three missions are great fun and are laid out like missions in GTA V Story Mode with all the humour to boot. Something that we haven’t see in GTA Online for quite some time. The characters are likeable and funny such as “English Dave” – a DJ PR/Recruitment guy and all round diamond geezer with a small cocaine problem, while Lazlow makes a funny return and he is still just as much of an arse hole as before.

Nightclub Management – You Are The Boss

Once you have completed the various set-up missions for your nightclub it is then time to get down to business. You will notice that your club is now packed full of party people and decked out in the customisations you chose when you purchased the club while Solumun is now banging out some phat tunes.

If you wish to do so, you can dance while in the club. This takes place as a mini-game by which you must dance to the beat in order to pull off some moves. It sounds a little dumb but to be honest it’s a lot more fun than you might think. I also got $5,000, a bronze Solumun badge and a Solumun T-Shirt for dancing for quite some time, so it looks like there are quite a few unlocks in this DLC.

Club Management from the PC

You can now login to the PC in the VIP area which also servers as your office. From here you can manage the various illegal options for the club:

  • Management; Displays statistics and allows you to start promotional missions.
  • Resident DJ; allows you to select the current resident DJ.
  • Warehouse; here you can hire technicians who will acquire illegal goods for you.
  • Upgrades; improve staff, security and equipment.

GTA Online After Hours Nightclub Management

Baed upon your club’s popularity your club will take in a daily ticket sales amounts up to $10,000 which will be stored in the safe up to $70,000.

The illegal goods you can have your techs acquire is limited to the other businesses that you own. i.e. If you only own the MC cocaine business then your techs can only source cocaine for you. On the flip side if you own all MC businesses then the techs can acquire all those for you (weed, meth, cash etc.) which you can then sell on. Special cargo crates can also be sourced by your techs provided you own the Executive Office with Cargo Warehouse and Smuggler’s Run Hangar.

GTA Online After Hours Warehouse Management

Import/Export Vehicle

When entering your underground basement level you will notice that the nightclub comes with it’s own Vapid Speedo. This van can be customised with armour, weapons and liveries as well as the usual options such as engine tuning and resprays etc.

GTA Online After Hours - B1 Vehicle Storage

There are three armour upgrade options;

Light Armour Plating

GTA Online After Hours Speedo Custom Light Armour

Light protection with high windshield visibilty.

Riot Armour Plating

GTA Online After Hours Speedo Custom Riot Armour

Moderate protection with medium windshield visibility and re-inforced bumpers.

Heavy Armour Plating

Heavy protection with minimal windshield visibility, re-inforced bumpers,wheel protection and a front facing mini-ramp.

Click to enlarge…


There are also weapons options for the Custom Vapid Speedo:

  • Front-mounted Machine Guns
  • Remote .50 Cal Machine Gun
  • Remote Minigun
  • Proximity Mines

Two other new vehicles can be modified here; the Custom MTL Pounder and the Custom Maibatsu Mule. See the New Vehicles section for more information.

Business Battles

With nightclubs opening all over town there’s a new way of doing business. Business owners will be alerted to random product just waiting to be “liberated” in a brand new Freemode event “Business Battles”.

Grab some exrtra product and get it back to your business on the double because any ya-hoo in need of some extra cash can also compete for the cargo.

Here’s what Rockstar Games has to say:

A new kind of turf war has come to Los Santos and business owners with MCs and Organizations up to the task can take down spontaneous scores of up-for-grabs cargo in Freemode. Business Battles are a unique first-come-first-serve opportunity to take possession of a little extra product for your Nightclub Warehouse stockpile. Beware though, because every cutthroat and goon in the city can compete for the opportunity to take home the drops of cargo, weapons, or product. Keep yourself stocked with tools of the trade – from powerful weapons to armored vehicles – and stay ahead of your competition; incentives to cooperate are thin on the ground.”

GTA Online: After Hours – New Vehicles

In addition to the Vapid Speedo Custom, six new vehicles have shipped with the latest DLC. Some are epic and some not so much. However they all fit the nightclub theme and a couple may be necessary down the line.

Click to englarge…

Discounts and Bonuses

All previous discounts and bonuses have now ended including Smuggler’s Run sell missions and MC product discounts however there are still some great discounts this week.

Exclusive Discounts

If you got on The Guest List, there are discounts on all new GTA Onine: After Hours vehicles and upgrades:

  • MTL Pounder Custom- 40% off
  • Maibatsu Mule – 40% off
  • Vapid Speedo Custom – 40% off upgrades
  • Nightclub Custom Vehicles – 40% off upgrades


Property/Business Discounts

To get business consolidation started via your nightclub there are very generous discounts on business properties and discounts this week;

  • Hangars & Renovations – 25% off
  • Hangar Workshop – 25% off
  • Executive Offices & Renovations – 25% off
  • Executive Garages & Renovations – 25% off
  • Custom Auto Shop – 25% off
  • Special Cargo Warehouses – 25% off
  • Biker Clubhouses & Renovations – 25% off
  • Custom Bike Shop – 25% off
  • Biker Businesses – 25% off
  • Bunkers & Renovations – 25% off


Exclusive Bonuses

The Guest List members have been well treated however the exclusive rewards have not ended. If you got on The Guest List then today you can pick up exclusive items;

  • $350,000 free GTA Online Cash
  • Ocelot Swinger – For Queen and Country Livery
  • Sessanto Nove Multicolour Livery
  • Pink and Green Camo Livery
  • Maisonette Los Santos T-Shirt

See You Next Week…

So, there you have it. The nightclub DLC, GTA Online: After Hours is here and was well worth the wait. The Nightclub Management System which consolidates existing businesses is something that has been long awaited and the passive nature of sourcing products seems to alleviate the issue of having even more chores to do in order to get illegal goods to sell.

The vehicles which have shipped today aren’t the greatest, but we do have the Ocelot Swinger and the controversial Dinka Jester Classic. However don’t be put off just yet as we can now expect the usual drip feed of awesome vehicles releasing over the coming months.

Also, if you are stuck for cash and need to make some great money in order to obtain a nightclub, then don’t forget the generous properties discounts which are currently running which includes the Executive Office which provides excellent and fast money-making opportunities.

Without wasting any more of your time go and get stuck in to this amazing new DLC. I have shown you very little here, just what I have played myself today and I am sure there is much, much more for us to enjoy so please go and get stuck in to your new GTA Online DLC.

Also, don’t forget about your exclusive The Guest List rewards which should all be available now for you to use in game.

I would love to hear what you think of this week’s discounts in this GTA Online Weekly Update and what you think is coming next so please share your thoughts on GTA Online in the comments section below.

The coming weeks could see some big updates so take advantage of the discounts and double cash bonuses and get earning some GTA Online cash as the best is probably yet to come.

Thanks for reading and have fun in GTA Online.

Grand Theft Auto V continues to do well almost five years after initial release and is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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