GTA Online Weekly Update – Smuggler’s Run Sell Missions Double GTA Online Money and 25% Off Biker Supplies

By | 10/07/2018

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Rockstar Games is giving us more chances to earn some extra GTA Online cash with today’s GTA Online Weekly Update which includes double GTA Online money for Smuggler’s Run Sell Missions, increased sales from Biker Business sales, more exclusive Guest List rewards and more. Plus there’s the usual discounts we have all come to know and love in GTA Online.

GTA Online Cash and RP Bonuses

Take to the skies with Ron and get smuggling those illegal goods as this week’s update is offering double GTA Online cash and RP on all Smuggler’s Sell Missions. Other cash and RP bonuses include:

  • 25% discount on MC Club supplies
  • 25% supplemental earnings on MC club sales missions
  • 25% discount in Special Cargo Crates imports

Properties sales have now ended except for the Hangars. Read on to for more details on Hangar discounts.

GTA Online Discounts and Bonuses

The extremely generous run of massive discounts on properties which included Bunkers and Executive Offices has now unfortunately ended. However its not all bad news as the discounts on Hangars in line with this week’s theme has been extended. As an added benefit from this week’s theme, select Smuggler’s Run vehicles incuding some of the most powerful aircraft in GTA Online are also enjoying some hefty discounts as well as their associated clothing and accessories, upgrades and customisations.

Vehicle Discounts

Not a lot of vehicle discounts here however the Grotti Visione and the Coil Cyclone are among some of the more expensive cars in GTA Online, so if you have that speedy itch that no cream can cure then take advantage of these offers now.

Aircraft Discounts

A huge array of discounts on aricraft this week as part of the Smuggler’s Run theme. Some of the most expensive aircraft in the game are running at an excellent 40% discount this week including the Buckingham Pyro, P-45 Nakota and RM-10 Bombushka.

Property Discounts

The Hangar is up for grabs this week for anyone who is yet to fulfil their sky smuggler fantasies. Head on over to Maze Bank foreclosures to take advantage of this limited time offer of a whopping 40% off of the Hangar property.

GTA Online Hangar

Also included in the Hangar sale:

  • All Smuggler’s Run aircraft – 40% off
  • Hangar Work Shop – 40% off
  • Countermeasures – 25% off
  • Aircraft Weapons – 25% off
  • Aircraft Handling – 25% off
  • Engine Upgrades – 25% off (includes bikes and cars)
  • Armour – 25% off (includes bikes and cars)
  • Liveries – 40% off (includes bikes and cars)

Clothing and Accessories

Some aeronautical clothing and accessories up for grabs at a discount this week:

  • All Smuggler’s Run Clothing – 25% off
  • Flight and Air Racing Suits – 25% off
  • Parachute Bags, Canopies & Smoke Trails – 25% off

GTA Online Special Announcement

In preparation for the next GTA Online DLC centered around nightclubs, The Guest List will be dishing out more rewards this week.

GTA Online Guest List Rewards Image

Those players who qualified for The Guest List and logged in between June 25th and July 2nd will be shortly receive their rewards of free GTA Online cash to the tune of $100,000 and an exclusive Pink Wireframe Bodysuit. The outfit can be collected from a wardrobe or any clothing store and the cash will be in your Maze Bank account no later than July 16th.

Guest List members can still recieve the rewards by logging in at any time before 16th July.

The Guest List will allow exclusive access to special liveries, discounts, cash giveaways and more which will be coming soon as part of the next update.

Read more in our detailed article here: GTA Online Business Update – Nightclub DLC Announcement

GTA Online Premium Race and Time Trial

Premium Race

There’s good news for racers this week because this week’s GTA Online premium race will be rewarding GTA Online cash for the final three and triple GTA Online RP regardless of your final position in the race.

GTA Online Race - Target (Ruiner 2000)

  • Race: Target (Ruiner 2000)
  • GTA Online Cash: rewarded for positions 1, 2 and 3
  • GTA Online RP: Triple for everyone

Time Trial

This week’s GTA Online time trial will be rewarding GTA Online cash and GTA Online RP for beating the par time set for the race.

  • Race: Coast to Coast
  • GTA Online Cash: rewarded for beating par time
  • GTA Online RP: rewarded for beating par time

See You Next Week…

Not really much going on in today’s GTA Online Update unless you are a fan of the Smuggler’s Run DLC. The DLC is offering double GTA Online cash however that still doesn’t mean a lot of cash all things considered.

You could however get production going with your biker clubhouses since 25% off supplies and then an extra 25% on sales could add up to some big money. While production is in full swing why not head over to the Executive Office and get some Special Cargo Crates while they are running at a 25% discount?

If you haven’t yet purchased a Hangar then get to it ASAP as this will probably be the final week we see property discounts. The discounts of 40% off Hangars and workshop is very generous and if you jump on it now will save you a lot of money in the long run, as well as the aircraft, which we all know are a little over-priced.

Also, don’t forget to log in to receive your Guest List rewards of $100,000 and the exclusive Pink Wireframe Bodysuit.

Check back next week for all the latest details on the next GTA Online Weekly Update.

I would love to hear what you think of this week’s discounts and what you think is coming next so please share your thoughts on GTA Online in the comments section below.

The coming weeks could see some big updates so take advantage of the discounts and double cash bonuses and get earning some GTA Online cash as the best is probably yet to come.

Thanks for reading and have fun in GTA Online.

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