Marvel’s Avengers Kate Bishop DLC Finally Showcased

By | 20/11/2020



After being delayed twice already, Marvel’s Avengers’ Kate Bishop DLC has been shown in the latest War Table video.

Bringing an all-new adventure and gameplay, the Kate Bishop DLC looks impressive and might be what the game needs.

Teaming up with the Avengers and Hank Pym, a.k.a Ant-Man, Bishop and Commander Hill are looking into what happened to Hawkeye after “A” Day.

Marvel’s Avengers | Kate Bishop – Taking AIM Trailer

Titled Kate Bishop: Taking AIM, an all-new location will be playable with items only attainable while playing through the Kate Bishop missions.

Clint Barton appears to be trapped on an alternate timeline after some kind of experiment with AIM’s new leader and the game’s current main villain, Monica Rappaccini.

Bishop herself looks cool as hell, with amazing abilities such as holographic diversions, short-range teleporting and a multitude of arrow and swordplay skills.

Marvel's Avengers Kate Bishop DLC Finally Showcased
Kate Bishop: Taking AIM DLC Officially Revealed

The DLC’s new boss character, the Super Adaptoid is terrifying and because of its extreme difficulty is an Omega-level enemy in multiplayer only.

The Super Adaptoid was created to take down Captain America, however, it has adopted all of the Avengers’ abilities.

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As well as the new items and story, Bishop’s costume variants look extremely cool and provide something from each incarnation of the character.

Kate Bishop: Taking AIM DLC Screenshots: Click to enlarge…

Bishop is the first new hero to be added to Marvel’s Avengers Season 1 and indeed the game as a whole.

The War Table video has also teased the Hawkeye DLC with an alternate world seemingly ruled by The Incredible Hulk.

With the release of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, it has also been confirmed that cross-generation play will be available.

Marvel's Avengers Kate Bishop DLC Gameplay Screenshot
Kate Bishop: Taking AIM DLC Gameplay

Next-gen customers can also claim a free Marvel’s Avengers next-gen upgrade when it is released early next year.

Next-gen versions of the game include polished visuals and significantly improved performance.

That being said, the performance of the game has also been greatly improved on current-generation versions of the game with recent patches and updates.

Kate Bishop: Taking AIM DLC Screenshots: Click to enlarge…

Marvel’s Avengers was released at the start of September to very mixed reviews due to the multitude of bugs and issues.

However, since then, the game’s developer, Crystal Dynamics has worked very hard to fix the game and after many setbacks, it is finally beginning to take shape and introduce more content.

Should the developer’s plans work out then Avengers will be an exciting online experience for years to come.

Marvel’s Avengers is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

2 thoughts on “Marvel’s Avengers Kate Bishop DLC Finally Showcased

  1. Sean Bennick


    Sounds like it might finally be time to get involved in this one. I may have to wait until the next-gen update though, I figure they’ll have all the current bugs worked out by then and the game will be a more interesting experience. I’m still trying to convince my wife that a new Xbox is going to be necessary. I don’t think she’s falling for it though.

    Thanks for keeping us updated,

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      This DLC does look great and it’s going to be paired with Hawkeye’s story as well.

      Just hope they aren’t delayed again.



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