Marvel’s Avengers PS5 Upgrade Confirmed

By | 31/07/2020



Square Enix has recently confirmed that there will be a free Marvel’s Avengers PS5 enhanced upgrade.

Owners of the PlayStation 4 version can claim a free PS5 edition when the console launches later this year.

While the game will very much remain the same, the technical aspects of Crystal Dynamics’ “Foundation” game engine can be pushed much higher.

As expected, the enhanced version will include much higher resolution textures and other GPU settings such as ambient occlusion and anisotropic filtering.

Marvel’s Avengers – Official Trailer

Higher resolution textures mean much more details and sharper visuals, ambient occlusion means better lighting and shadow while anisotropic filtering improves visuals from angles and distance.

However, a new graphics feature known as “Stochastic Screen-Space Reflections with Contact-Aware Sharpening” can also be used.

This is a Shader Model 6 state of the art algorithm that creates more realistic reflections based on objects in the 3D environment.

All of this can be maintained in a 4K resolution at a solid 60 frames per second.

Marvel's Avengers PS5 Incredible Hulk
Marvel’s Avengers PS5 Incredible Hulk

Also, due to the PS5’s amazingly fast solid-state drive, the game world will be playable with hardly any loading times.

The SSD also means that there will be no more textures pop-ins or object pop-ups when traveling at speed across the game world.

FYI – Marvel’s Avengers Game Incredible Hulk Character Profile

This is something that has plagued the current generation of games that still utilize older hardware and rendering systems.

Marvel’s Avengers has been wowing fans and gamers alike since it’s teaser trailer last year.

Marvel's Avengers PS5 Iron Man Alternate
Marvel’s Avengers PS5 Iron Man Alternate

Since then, a steady stream of information has been released by the games publisher Square Enix.

The great news as well is that unlike Sony’s Marvel’s Spider-Man which was a PS4 exclusive, Avenger’s will be available across multiple platforms.

The story takes place in San Francisco where, at the opening of a new Avengers HQ, Taskmaster attacks Golden Gate Bridge.

The Avengers assemble to defeat the villain and will include all the Avengers characters as playable.

Marvel's Avengers PS5 Gameplay
Marvel’s Avengers PS5 Gameplay

However, they ultimately fail and are effectively outlawed and five years later are needed to come together once more in order to thwart a deadly conspiracy.

Each character will have their own powers and upgrade systems and multiple costume and version unlocks have been confirmed.

The upgraded edition applies to anyone who purchased the PS4 version and then gets a PS5.

The upgrade offer applies to both the physical and digital versions of the game and will be completely free.

The Marvel’s Avengers release date nears and is set for launch on September 4 this year.

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