Monster Hunter World: Iceborne BETA Test Coming to PS4

By | 19/06/2019
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne BETA Test Coming to PS4



PlayStation 4 gamers have the chance to download and get early access to a BETA version of the upcoming expansion for Monster Hunter World.

The upcoming expansion for the super popular RPG title Monster Hunter World has a BETA test version coming to PlayStation 4 very soon.

Players can get their hands on a BETA version of the game starting June 21st, which is this coming Friday.

The BETA test will run for one week starting June 21st to June 30th for PlayStation 4 users that have an active PS Plus subscription.

As with the launch of Monster Hunter World, PS4 players are seemingly being favored over every one else and getting access to the new expansion one week before users of other systems.

An interesting note however is that the base game of Monster Hunter World is not required in order to play this expansion BETA.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is the first expansion for the game, and will be bringing with it more quests, a new story that takes place after the events of the base game and of course new monsters.

The bulk of the expansion is to be set at Hoarfrost Reach, an icy area of the game world that is home to a multitude of ice dwelling creatures.

Other new features expected in the game are a Master Rank mode, a new area and a popular monster named Tigrex as demonstrated in the trailer for Iceborne.

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Monster Hunter World is an extremely popular RPG game that allows players to locate and capture dangerous creatures from a vast, open world in order attain their loot drops.

Monsters in the game differ in size and strength, with the largest of creatures dropping the best valuables for you to take.

The game has had great critical and commercial success and a movie based on Monster Hunter World has also been announced.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is scheduled for release on September 6th this year, so taking part in the BETA would be a great way to get a sneak peek at the upcoming content.

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