Monster Hunter World Save Files Deleted by New Iceborne Save Data

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A save data version change seems to be wreaking havoc for some Monster Hunter World save files as PC gamers report data loss after installing Iceborne.

Since its release on 9th January 2020, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne for PC has reportedly been deleting older save data for some players.

Some gamers are reporting that the game cannot find compatible save data after upgrading to Iceborne, therefore creating a new save and deleting the old one.

Reports suggest that there is a compatibility issue between some older original saves and newer Iceborne saves.

When starting Iceborne, players have been informed that the game “Failed to Read Saved Data for Monster Hunter” and then asked to create new save data.

Upon agreeing to this request, the game appears to overwrite the original save data and in the process losing players’ saved games.

This is obviously gut-wrenching since Monster Hunter is a game that requires a lot of skill, exploration and hundreds of hours of play.

Currently, players are having to just quit the game without creating a new save data and just not playing Iceborne.

The problem appears to be a change to the format of save game files which have been changed in the past year or so.

This could, and will probably be fixed with a patch from Capcom in the coming weeks however, for now, they have suggested that they are at least looking into the issue.

Sadly, some players are reporting that they have lost hundreds or even thousands of hours of gameplay with very high-level characters and skillsets.

For a chance at a possible fix, please see this guide on Steam:

Monster Hunter World is an open-world online-action JRPG that has players traveling the world slaying or capturing various creatures for sport or so that they can be studied.

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Similar to other RPGs, the game allows using collected loot from the monsters to be used for crafting or to make money, all of which improve as the player levels up.

The game was both a commercial and critical success, being praised for its visual design, multiplayer implementation and RPG elements.

Monster Hunter World also received very high scores from popular online gaming sites with both Destructoid and IGN scoring it 9 out of Ten.

Various awards were also handed out to Monster Hunter World including Game of the Year from the Japan Game Awards, a Golden Joystick for Best Co-Operative game and Best RPG Game from Game Awards 2018.

The game is also known for its excellent crossovers with other big game titles such as The Witcher, Final Fantasy and Horizon Zero Dawn.

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Iceborne is the first expansion for the game and has also been a hit with fans of the series and industry critics.

Taking place in a remote and icy area of the world, the expansion features new creatures, items and gear designed for a colder climate.

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Iceborne was praised for adding a lot of new gameplay while keeping a perfect balance between the original Monster Hunter World gameplay and Iceborne elements.

Monster Hunter World and Iceborne are out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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8 thoughts on “Monster Hunter World Save Files Deleted by New Iceborne Save Data

  1. sam

    This must be extremely frustrating for players! I used to play monster hunter world for xbox and I found it really challenging. Honestly I probably would of cried if this happened to me.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi Sam.

      I feel for the players that have lost these saves as I know how hard MHW is to play.

      It’s one of those games that requires time and dedication and I know that a lot of MHW players take pride in their characters.

      This is a massively irresponsible mistake by Capcom and one that they should be held to account for.

      Thanks for commenting,

  2. Will

    Nothing worse than putting countless hours into your character to only have it deleted! That is a serious kick to the guts, hope they resolve it asap. Thanks for linking the guide on steam, I’m sure it will help some people.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Cheers for commenting Will.

      It is a real nightmare to be found in that situation with a game.

      I don’t doubt that there are many disheartened customers out there now.


  3. andreas haag

    This is something that must be addressed, this is utterly bad from the creators and I hope we will see some real refunds or some major things from capcom!!!
    A game like this depends on the savefiles… damn you capcom

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hey Andreas and thanks for commenting.

      This is a disaster for some people however I seriously doubt that there will be any refunds. Companies like Capcom rarely do that, even when it’s their fault.


  4. Angela Berry

    I’ve been playing mhw for a while, and iceborne since release, and my saves are just now having issues. My xbox is in working order and clean, no other programs are experiencing issues, but on loading, 2 of 3 of my mhw iceborne save files get stuck in endless loading screens. They aren’t frozen, the sound plays and the controls work and the tips scroll through, but they get to 95% and stay there. Neither save is pre-iceborne. Console and game are updated. I have Uninstalled and reinstalled(it’s digital), deleted and replaced profile, hard reset, cleared local saves, deleted old saves and get the same issue starting a new game. I have no mods, and honestly I’m at a loss.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      The best advice I can give you is to bring it up with Capcom and open an official ticket. It could be an issue that they aren’t aware of. I have tried to find an answer for you but all I can find are fixes for the PC version. Let me know if you get it sorted. Sorry I can’t help.


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