New Fortnite Fly Explosives LTM Is Here and Guided Missiles Make a Return

By | 04/08/2018

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It’s “Fly Explosives” week as Fortnite “Fly Exposives” makes an entrance in a new chaos filled Limted Time Mode.

Plus Guided Missile make a return to Battle Royale Mode although they are not as overpowered as last time along with Jetpacks, and Save the World players can get their hands on a brand new addition to the Flintlock family of weapons the “Spyglass” Sniper Rifle.

Battle Royale Mode

A couple of new featured in this week’s Fortnite update as Season 5 goodies continue to roll out.

Guided missiles make a welcome return and a new Fly Explosives Limted Time Mode seeks bring out teh psychotic aviator in you.

Guided Missile

A toned down Guided Missile is now available and has undergone some small changes concerning it’s damage.

Fortnite Weapon - Guided Missile

The Guided Missile is available in Epic and Legendary variants while player and structure damage has been decreased a little as the item was a little overpowered last time around. Structure damage from explosions now disregards Line of Sight.

Limited Time Modes

A new Fly Explosives LTM is here this week with Jetpacks and explosives. while Playground players can also enjoy the fun of a Jetpack for as long as the Fly Explosives LTM is running.

Fly Exposives

Enjoy the carnage of the popular High Explosives Limted Time Mode with the added incentive of blasting around the sky in a Jetpack!

Fortnite Item - Jetpack

This insane LTM has only explosive weapons enabled and Jetpacks will be spawned by Floor Loot Spawners. Also, Jetpacks in this mode have faster fuel regeneration and slower burn rate so you can stay in the air longer to cause more mayhem.


While Fly Explosives LTM is active, Jetpacks are available in Playground as well as Guided Missiles.

Save the World Mode

Not much new this week for Save the World players except for the addition of a stylish new sniper rifle in the Flintlock style.

“Spyglass” Sniper Rifle

An awesome addition to the stylish Flintlock set released a couple of weeks ago.

Fortnite Weapon - Spyglass Sniper

The Spyglass Sniper Rifle is scoped, high powered rifle with a high degree of accuracy. The rifle only comes with one shot magazine though so make sure you have the shot before sqeezing off the round.

See You Next Week…

Not too much happening this week but the new Fly Explosives LTM looks incredibly good fun as Jetpacks are always welcome, and explosives are well, explosive. Yay!

The expansion of the Flintlock weapon range sees a new sniper rifle, something which although is nice there seem to be a lot of them available, however the rifle will serve as a nice addition to collectors or players adopting the Flintlock style.

Please let me know how you feel about this week’s updates and news as I am sure some of you will have great opinions and I would love to hear them, so don’t be afraid to use the comments section below.

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Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on the Battle Bus. Bye for now and take care,
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