New Fortnite Hero System – New Heroes, Loadouts and Perks

By | 28/02/2019

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Plus: FREE Hero Vouchers, Hero XP and Evolution Materials…

Season 8 brings a new Fortnite Hero system with loadout improvements, squad size increases and a perk system. Plus bonus XP, Evo. Mats. and FREE Hero vouchers.



Fortnite Season 8 continues the adventure from the fall of The Ice King. The Prisoner has defeated the evil and angry snowman, bringing forth a massive Volcano, Pirates and Ninjas.

Season 8 also brings with it many new locations to explore including Lazy Lagoon and Sunny Steps, where epic loot awaits for the bravest of souls.

However, aside from the great new content, one of the biggest changes that Fortnite Season 8 has brought is the overhaul to the Hero Loadout System including but not at all limited to:

  • Squad Changes
  • Perks
  • New Heroes

There are also a whole host of new features which I will detail in this article.

I encourage you to read the article all the way through as there is some important information that you may not want to miss out on.

You can watch Season 8’s brand new trailer here:

You can also find out more about Season 8 here:

Fortnite Season 8 

Fortnite v8.00 Official Patch Notes

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There has been a complete overhaul to the Hero Loadout system.

First off, the squad size has been increased from three slots to seven components:

  • Commander
    • Support x 5
  • Team Perk

The Commander is the chosen playable Hero of the squad, while the five support Heroes make up the rest of your squad. So the team size has been increased from three to six.

Fortnite Commander Screen

The support team adds some meat to the team as you will leverage 8% of each team member’s stats as well as gaining each squad member’s Standard Perk.

Fortnite Team Member Screen

Additionally, your team can equip a Team Perk, but more on that later. Also, Mythic Heroes, once acquired will grant you access to  a unique Team Perk.



Perks are powerful features and the abilities system has been overhauled to include perks.

Class Perks

Class Perks are unique to each class of character. The abilities system and perks unique to each archetype are included in class perks.

Fortnite Class Perk

For example B.A.S.E , being a construction ability, would now be available to all Constructors, while In the Zone, being an Outlander class perk would now include Keen Eyes and be available to all Outlanders.

Team Perks

Team Perks are powerful abilities and can add some real substance to the team as a whole.

Once unlocked, a Team Perk can be equipped from a list four. There are sixteen more to unlock.

Fortnite Team Perk

Team Perks are dependent on your team loadout.

For example, the Soaring Mantis Team Perk will provide you with two extra jumps. However, you will need three Ninjas in your team in order to access the Perk. So if you don’t have access to three Ninjas, or don’t have that particular team loadout, then don’t equip it!

Team Perks are powerful, but will force you to tactically think about what Team Perk you want, as it is directly related to your loadout.

***Mythic Heroes come with extremely powerful Team Perks***



Some general game improvements have been made to the game in Season 8 concerning Heroes:

  • New Heroes; eight new quests have been added, each with a new Hero to be rewarded.
  • Updated Rewards; unique rewards have been added so that you don’t get a lot of duplicate heroes.
  • Updated Economy; XP (Hero, Schematic, Survivor) amount has been increased for completing Missions and Mission Alerts in Plankerton, Canny Valley and Twine Peaks.
  • Item Resetting; you can reset your Heroes to make them fit better with the new Hero Loadout System.

There are also some continuity features and bonuses:

  • Reskins; apply new perks to existing reskinnable Heroes. Real money offers and Time Limited Exclusives  only.
  • Past Heroes; free Hero Recruitment Vouchers so you can get some Heroes from past events to use with the new system.
  • Hero XP and Evolution Materials Bonus; get your free XP and Materials bonus so you can build new loadouts straight away.


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A massive feature to be implementing at this stage in the game, but one that is going to be very controversial and yet I feel will be great fun.

An increased squad can only mean more carnage and fun while the perks, team and class sound great.

It will be very interesting to see what kind of loadouts players create, from overpowered, super soldier type squads to elite and stealthy precision based snipers.

An extra incentive is also applied when you think about what the great unique perks may be like for Mythic Heroes; this makes me just want to get out there and start collecting them.

Also, don’t forget that Epic Games will be giving you vouchers for Heroes from the Collection Book and bonus Hero XP and Evolution Materials based on your level.

Get in there and use your skills and imagination to build some Epic squads.

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Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on the Battle Bus.

Bye for now and take care,
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