New GTA Online Weapons Add a Touch of Sci-Fi

By | 09/01/2019

GTA Online Weekly Update Post Feature Image - 09/01/2019

Plus: Double Biker Sales, Big Property Discounts and More…



Finally some brand new GTA Online weapons have been added to the game, all in Republican Space Ranger fashion, there’s plenty of double GTA Online cash payouts to be had and discounts go large with money off some of the game’s more expensive items including:

  • Mammoth Thruster
  • Biker Businesses
  • Nagasaki Shotaro

New items in GTA Online can be expensive. Feel the warm hand of credit from Shark Card at CD Keys.

Some great new content this week as Arena War updates continue to roll out. If you have ever wanted some futuristic weaponry to complete your look while you don high-tech apparel and fly the Oppressor Mk. II, now your prayers have been answered as 2 new weapons have been added into the game this week and can be found at Ammunation:

  • Unholy Hellbringer (Heavy Weapon); extremely high rate of fire with low accuracy ($499,000)
  • Widowmaker (Automatic Rifle); medium rate of fire with good accuracy ($449,000)

GTA Online Weekly Update Post Feature Image - 09/01/2019

While being good weapons and looking pretty cool with the right look and style, the price for these is way off, although the Widowmaker is pretty powerful.  



As Arena War continues, the double GTA Online cash payout for taking part has been extended again. You can get double cash and RP for completing any Arena War rounds:

  • Carnage; a destruction derby event featuring RC bombs and EMP Drones.
  • Flag War; a maniacal vehicular based take on classic “Capture the Flag”.
  • Wreck It; a trap-laden death race not for the faint of heart.
  • Tag Team; work in a pairs with one car in the Arena while the other reigns down hell from the Spectator stands, the swap out for more fun.
  • Games Masters; a team based checkpoint collection game.
  • Here Come the Monsters; a David and Goliath based team game where one team gets Monster Trucks and the other gets compact cars!
  • Hot Bomb; a grim take on Pass the Parcel where the only way to get rid of a ticking bomb is to smash it over to someone else.
  • Buzzer Beater; ride like the wind on a Gargoyle to collect the most checkpoints.

In addition to double cash from  Arena War, put your staff to work across Los Santos and Blaine County as all Biker Businesses are paying out double cash for sales this week:

  • Cocaine
  • Document Forgery
  • Cannabis
  • Methamphetamine
  • Counterfeit Cash

Plus there’s more as certain vehicle jobs are also paying double cash and RP:

  • Hasta La Vista
  • Vehicle Vendetta
  • Vespucci Job


Not too many discounts this week however the discounts that are active are large and have been applied to the more expensive in-game items such as businesses, hyper cars and special vehicles.

Vehicle Discounts

Ever wondered what it might be like to own one of those Batman-like vehicles you see shooting past all the time? Then the wait is over as you can get upto 35% off some of the most exotic vehicles in GTA Online this week.

Aircraft Discounts

Just when you start thinking it may be best to abandon your facility because it looks a little bare, huge discounts are applied to Facility only vehicles as well as some other military aircraft you “can’t live without”.

Property Discounts

You may have been working hard to increase your cash flow over the past few weeks with double money from your Bunker, and you may want to expand your criminal empire. Then you might also want to take advantage of this week’s discounts on select properties:

  • Bike Businesses – 35% off
  • Facility – 30% off




There’s good news for racers this week because this week’s GTA Online premium race will be rewarding GTA Online cash for the final three and triple GTA Online RP regardless of your final position in the race.

GTA Online Race Storm Drain

  • Premium Race: The Wave
  • GTA Online Cash: rewarded for positions 1, 2 and 3
  • GTA Online RP: Triple for everyone

This week’s GTA Online time trial will be rewarding GTA Online cash and GTA Online RP for beating the par time set for the race.

  • Time Trial: Power Station
  • GTA Online Cash: rewarded for beating par time
  • GTA Online RP: rewarded for beating par time



At last some weapons have been added to the game, although perhaps not what most of you would have liked:

  • Widowmaker laser rifle.
  • Unholy Hellbringer heavy laser weapon.

These new weapons are quite pricey so make sure to take advantage of this week’s double money and cash making opportunities in order to get them:

  • Arena War
  • Biker Business Sales
  • Vehicle Jobs
    • Hasta La Vista
    • Vehicle Vendetta
    • Vespucci Job

In addition, if you don’t yet own any biker businesses then they are running at a 35% discount, so now would be a great time to acquire one as they do pay out a lot of money over time.

You could also try your hand at running a covert and high-tech organization working to prevent Doomsday as other discounts of note include:

  • Facilities
  • Avenger 
  • Mammoth Thruster

That should round off your megalomaniacal tendencies nicely!

Take care for now.

You can see full details of this week’s GTA Online events at the official Rockstar Games Events page: Social Club Events View previous GTA Online Weekly Update here:

I would love to hear what you think of this week’s discounts in this GTA Online Weekly Update and what you think is coming next so please share your thoughts on GTA Online in the comments section below.

The coming weeks could see some big updates so take advantage of the discounts and double cash bonuses and get earning some GTA Online cash as the best is probably yet to come. Thanks for reading and have fun in GTA Online.

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