New Item Allows You to Open Rifts on The Go In Fortnite

By | 25/08/2018

Fortnite Update Post Feature Image - 25/08/2018

A new special item allows you to open rifts on the go in Fortnite this week, there’s a new addition to the Flintlock family of weapons plus you can pit yourself against others in a new points-based Limited Time Mode. There’s also a legendary weapon up for grabs in the Horde Week 3 Challenge.


New Items – Multi-Barrel Mayhem and On-the-Fly Rifts

Two new items making their way into Fortnite this week with the Bundlebuss Multi-Barrel rifle added to the Flintlock range of weaponry and the special Rift-to-Go item allows you to create and open rifts on the fly

Bundlebuss – Plenty of Ammo with the Power to Boot

The Bundlebuss Flintlock Assault Rifle provides a heft kick in the jewels for a sustained attack with very high damage and large magazine pumping out round after round from it’s octo-barrel design!

Fortnite Flintlock WeaponBundlebuss

The Bundlebuss Flintlock Assault Rifle is available in Save the World Mode.

Rift-to-Go – Your Ace in the Hole

Open rifts mid combat to get the drop on you foes with this powerful new item in Battle Royale Mode.

The Rift-to-Go provides you with a way to immediately be teleported into the skies so you can get the drop on anyone from anywhere! Be careful though as the rift will remain open for a short time allowing anyone else to use it including your enemies!

The Rift-to-Go can be found in Chests, Vending Machines, Supply Drops and Llamas.


New Limited Time Mode – Score Royale

A new points based Limited Time Mode this week for Battle Royale. Play against others to get the most points before the end of the match to claim victory.

Fortnite LTM Score Royale

Points can be obtained by;

  • Killing other players
  • Finding in loot
  • Collecting coins


Challenge the Horde – Week 3 Offers Legendary Weapons

Fend off the Horde in a tougher challenge this week. Defeat 16 waves of the Horde in shorter bursts, for only the best strategists stand a chance.

Fortnite Horde Challenge Week 3

However, upon victory you can claim your prize from a selection of two legendary Flintlock weapons and subsequent victories will reward Event Tickets.


See You Next Week

A great new item, the Rift-to-Go is sure to delight and frustrate in equal measure being an extremely powerful item in the right hands and a new addition to the Flintlock range of weapons with the insane, eight barreled Bundlebuss means the collection is shaping up nicely.

Test your mettle against others with Score Royale, LTM at it’s finest, while Challenge the Horde is offering yet another Flintlock weapon in a legendary variant for the more discerning and combat ready players.

See game and bug fixes on the Epic Games Fortnite Official Site here: Fortnite Patch Notes.

Please let me know how you feel about this week’s updates and news as I am sure some of you will have great opinions and I would love to hear them, so don’t be afraid to use the comments section below.

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Thanks for reading and I hope to see you on the Battle Bus. Bye for now and take care, Michael – Editor/Owner – ChartX Games.

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