New Next-Gen Xbox Games to be Revealed This Week

By | 20/07/2020



The upcoming Games Showcase is set to display some of the upcoming next-gen Xbox games that haven’t been seen until then.

While the last couple of months has been all about PS5, Microsoft is now ready to step in and show some of their titles coming to Series X.

This week’s event is reportedly set to include footage of games yet to be revealed and possibly Xbox exclusive titles.

Given the mediocre excitement of the last Xbox Games Showcase, this is a welcome event indeed.

Xbox Games Showcase 2020
Xbox Games Showcase 2020

The last Showcase did not demonstrate any in-game footage at all and only showed trailers for games we already knew were coming.

Microsoft has been tight-lipped about their next-gen titles such as the new Halo, for which we have only one teaser from two years ago.

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Halo: Infinite has been confirmed as being part of the Showcase as well as completely new titles that haven’t yet been confirmed.

Popular presenter, Geoff Keighley has confirmed a pre-show for the Showcase where Halo: Infinite will be revealed.

Xbox Games Showcase 2020 Pre-Show with Geoff Keighley
Xbox Games Showcase 2020 Pre-Show with Geoff Keighley

In a recent Tweet, Keighley gave details of the time and that we will be able to see the Halo campaign via YouTube Gaming.

The times for the Xbox Games Showcase Pre-Show are as follows:

  • 8 am Pacific Time
  • 11 am Eastern Time
  • 4 pm Greenwich Mean Time

Since we don’t know what other games are to be shown, it’s anyone’s guess as to what these may be.

They could be a slew of sequels for popular franchises such as Assassin’s Creed or completely new first-party I.P’s.

Next Gen Xbox Games - Halo Infinite
Next-Gen Xbox Games Include Halo: Infinite

For all we know, we could just be getting Sea of Thieves 2, but let’s hope not.

Personally, I can’t wait to see Halo and I am hoping for a new next-gen Gears of War game.

Given the recent PlayStation event, now is the perfect time for Microsoft to play their hand and show us what they have up their sleeves.

Xbox Series X Console
Xbox Series X Console Final Design

I have a feeling that Psychonauts 2 and a new Forza title will probably be a large part of the show, as well as some footage from the upcoming and extremely impressive Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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Whatever they decide to show, this is exciting, since up until now we haven’t heard much about Microsoft’s first-party titles for Series X.

The Xbox Games Showcase is scheduled for July 23 and can be watched via YouTube Gaming at 9 am Pacific Time, Noon Eastern Time and 5 pm Greenwich Mean Time.

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