New Online Pokemon MMORPG Game Announced

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The Pokemon Company has received mixed emotions towards their latest online Pokemon MMORPG title.

Pokemon Unite has been officially announced with a surprise trailer from Nintendo.

The new game is essentially a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena style RPG set in the world of Pokemon.

The new game is a new take on Pokemon and for the first time in the franchise’s history introduces team battle.

While Pokemon is currently a huge series, there isn’t any competitive team-based play available until now.

Unite looks set to introduce MOBA style gameplay such as rosters, leveling up and large game maps.

However, given the current niche status of MOBA style games, this may be one Pokemon game that fails to impress.

Online Pokemon MMORPG
Pokemon Unite

MOBA is a particular style of game that requires great team-based skills which are more difficult than one would expect.

This may be more difficult for Pokemon gamers given that the games are more or less solitary.

Pokemon players might have been happier with a new expansion to existing titles or a new game in the traditional style.

Pokemon Unite Versus Screen
Pokemon Unite – Versus Rosters

The latest “Let’s Go” series for example has been well received and “Sword and Shield” has just released an impressive new DLC.

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The dismay at the new title has been somewhat highlighted by the reaction of fans across the web.

The reveal event video for Pokemon Unite has become the most disliked video on Pokemon’s Official YouTube channel overnight.

Pokemon Unite Real Time Team Battle
Pokemon Unite – Real Time Team Battles

140,000 dislikes have been received by the game beating Metroid Prime’s quota of 95,000.

The new title is a very different game than Pokemon usually is, and given that the Pokemon Company gave Unite it’s own event may have added to the disappointment and dislike quota.

Whatever the reasons for introducing a Pokemon MOBA game at this time, Nintendo may be aiming to expand their target demographic at the risk of isolating veteran catchers.

A Pokemon Unite release date is yet to be confirmed but will be released for Android, iOS and Switch.

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2 thoughts on “New Online Pokemon MMORPG Game Announced

  1. Matt Lin

    I remember how much I love to play Pokemon with my Gameboy in my childhood, now the game upgrades a lot to Android, iOS, and Switch which allows you to battle with other players.(MOBA)

    I don’t know if I like to play it since back in the old days, I love to play just by myself and find all the special Pokemon in every corner of the map. 🙂 I will try it out when it got released.

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi Matt and thanks for commenting.

      This is a very different kind of Pokemon game and it hasn’t been shown much love from fans.

      That being said, I am sure it will be fun and exciting, especially for gamers who like to play in groups.



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