New Open-World Marvel Game Future Revolution Announced

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The studio behind Future Fight has announced a new open-world Marvel game that sees worlds collide in Future Revolution.

Marvel and the talented development team behind the excellent free to play game Marvel: Future Fight has teamed up to develop another game.

Developed by Netmarble, Marvel: Future Revolution is an upcoming open-world game for mobile devices set in the Marvel comic book universe.

The premise of the game sees heroes coming together in order to avert a major disaster that has multiple parallel universes set to converge.

Marvel: Future Revolution Official Announcement Trailer

For the first time, players will be able to control multiple characters from multiple Marvel dimensions in a stunning open-world setting.

Because of the convergence aspect of the game, this allows the story to bring in alternate versions of heroes.

The amazing new trailer shows alternate versions of Spider-Man, Captain Marvel and Dr. Strange working together as one Earth’s dimension encroaches onto another.

This is nothing short of a brilliant design decision as it gives the developers a lot of flexibility for driving player unlocks applying the mobile free-to-play paradigm.

Marvel Future Revolution Screenshot
Marvel: Future Revolution – Dimensional Convergence

According to the game’s Creative Director, there are “an infinite amount of combinations and unique looks”.

If you have ever played any kind of superhero game then you will be aware that alternate looks and costumes are a big part of the play.

The trailer shows that the game looks very impressive for a mobile game and is on par with console development.

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Like any Marvel game, there appears to be no shortage of action and all the intriguing story features, familiar faces and usual plot elements appear to be in the title.

Marvel Future Revolution Screenshot
Marvel: Future Revolution – Captain America

However, being a mobile development and labeled as free-to-play, we all know that these games aren’t technically free.

There will probably be some point where paying will become almost a necessity, something I personally hate in mobile games.

Usually just as your story gets into high gear, you are hit with a paywall of some kind where you just can’t progress without buying something you require.

It’s a common tactic in so-called free-to-play mobile games that don’t operate in the same way as console or PC games labeled as the same.

Marvel Future Revolution Screenshot
Marvel: Future Revolution – Punk Spider-Man

Netmarble hasn’t commented on this yet but I would expect it to be the same as other mobile games.

That being said, at least this game doesn’t appear to be the usual team or roster-building game like Future Fight of which there are many games using the same design.

How the action will play out is anyone’s guess at this point also.

We don’t yet know whether it will function like an R.P.G where we choose an action and the character does it, or whether we will be in direct control.

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Whatever the case, Marvel: Future Revolution does look impressive and a welcome detour from the usual mobile game.

So far, this game appears to be one of the largest mobile game developments we have ever seen and might just be the first mobile game with console-quality.

There is no release date as of yet but ChartX Games will be shouting all about it as soon as one is announced.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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8 thoughts on “New Open-World Marvel Game Future Revolution Announced

  1. Frank

    Hi Michael,
    What a great video game review website! I used to be an occasional gamer but things got too hectic over the years. You have made me want to get back to playing again! I love all the Marvel characters. I’ll be back to check out chartXgames again.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hey Frank.

      Thank you for the nice comments and I am glad you find something useful in the site.

      Do check back for the latest news.


  2. Tara

    Wow this game looks fantastic. I have a grandson who would love it. He is asking for an Avengers birthday party this year. I’m wondering if he’s old enough to play it though. I have some gamers in my life that I think could really benefit from the info on your site.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi Tara.

      As far as I know, this game would be OK for children.

      Marvel games do have fighting, but it is comic book and there is never any blood or bad language.

      Thank you for the great comments,

  3. Randi

    I always want to get excited about a well-produced game with well-loved characters getting a mobile version, but always end up frustrated with the pay to play requirement. I am eagerly anticipating this game for the art/graphics, and (hopefully) storyline, but I am not sure how much time I will end up investing in it if I end up having to pay to finish the storyline. I guess it will depend on the story itself… will it be good enough to earn my purchase? We shall see.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi Randi.

      I completely agree with you.

      While there are some excellent mobile games, I get put off by the dreaded paywall that I know is coming.

      DC Legends is a great example of this.

      To be fair though, the pay to play parts of these games isn’t usually expensive and I think that this may be one game that might be worth it.


  4. Prav

    Niceee. The graphics look so real. Keep us posted about the release date.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Thanks for commenting Prav.

      I will indeed keep you up to date with this game so check back regularly for the latest news.



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