News – Nintendo Switch Puts Fifa 18 On Top

By | 22/02/2018

Fifa 18 is number one on the combined charts knocking off Kingdom Come: Deliverance to the number two spot as of 17/02/2018. Apparently Fifa 18 has overtaken Kingdom Come: Deliverance because of a surge in the sales of the title’s Nintendo Switch platform sales.

Source: Gamespot, GFK Chart Track

You can view the current chart games using the links below:

Playstation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch

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2 thoughts on “News – Nintendo Switch Puts Fifa 18 On Top

  1. Tim

    I’m really liking how everything is set up! Very user friendly. I personally would have liked to have read more into the Switch sales boosting Fifa 18 to the top? I personally don’t know what the combined charts are and before clicking a link to buy the content I am interested in, I might get distracted with learning what I don’t know and go straight to the source for it after reading on it. But it really is looking good and you definitely have more than I do by a long shot!


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