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By | 10/06/2019
Next Microsoft Flight Simulator



E3’s Xbox showcase stunned visitors with the next Microsoft Flight Simulator title as it demonstrated the best visual fidelity that this generation has to offer.

As a part of this year’s E3 showcase, Microsoft has revealed a brand new installment of their flagship Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Having been 13 years since the last simulator was released by Microsoft with Flight Simulator X, I think we can all agree that this is a welcome title.

What is even more welcome is the quality of the latest installment.

Showing off the simulator with an extremely high quality trailer, it is immediately clear that the artists have gone for out and out realism.

Using satellites to capture topographical and photogrammetric information and then using Azure AI to analyze and interpret the data has allowed the developers to create the world with a high degree of realism.

From the Pyramids of Giza to the city of New York, the amount of detail is astonishing, and a far cry from the flat and dull flight experiences of long ago.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Pyramids

Another thing that is immediately noticeable is the striking realism of the airports.

No longer are there just static props scattered around clunky buildings.

From what is shown in the trailer, it appears that the airports themselves are fully functional from a pilot’s perspective.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Airport

This is sure to add an extra dimension of realism that will be welcomed by hard core flight sim enthusiasts.

Based on the trailer, we can also see that the simulation comes with extremely detailed dynamic weather systems and wildlife.

Then there are the aircraft themselves.

As is always the case with MS Flight Simulator, the aircraft have been faithfully recreated with stunning accuracy.

Click to enlarge…

When combined with the simulation’s photo-realism and high end lighting system, this makes for some extremely invigorating eye candy.

A highly detailed world, stunning aircraft recreation and the best rendering techniques that this generation’s hardware has to offer makes this a flight sim title to watch out for.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has no release date yet but is expected late 2019 or early 2020 on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

You can check the current game charts using the links below:

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2 thoughts on “Next Microsoft Flight Simulator Coming Soon

  1. John

    I have always been interested in flying. Took lessons so many years ago. My first flight simulator game was on the Intellivision set. This looks like it could be very realistic and help those who wish to pursue getting a real flight card with out paying for the hours in the seat.
    Does this version have some of the smaller airports in the same detail as the bigger ones.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi John, thanks for commenting.

      The realism in this vesion is nothing short of astounding.

      Using real world imagery from satellites and then having it processed by Microsoft Azure AI has allowed a highly detailed version of our world to be seen as from above.

      The amazing detail also extends to airports and the planes, with the airports looking more functional than ever before.

      I am not sure about whether it will have any of the smaller airports however in previous versions they did try to include as many as possible.

      As for the detail, I cannot say as the simulator is not available yet.

      Thanks for commenting,


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