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The upcoming paid cloud storage system for Pokemon named Pokemon Home has been officially announced by Nintendo.

Pokemon Home has long been a dream system for many Pokemon players the world over.

Nintendo has officially announced the system and its details such as the different versions and prices.

Launching in February 2020, Pokemon Home will allow Pokemon trainers to store their critters and transfer them between different Pokemon enabled games.

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The new service differs from the current system, Pokemon Bank, in that it will be compatible across multiple devices rather than 3DS only.

Pokemon Home Compatibility Diagram
Pokemon Home Cloud Diagram

For example, you will be able to transfer your favorite Pokemon stored in your 3DS Pokemon Bank into Pokemon Sword and Shield for Nintendo Switch.

The system will also allow transfers from all Pokemon games into Home so that they may be traded with other Trainers.

However, the system is limited and doesn’t allow the transfer of Pokemon from any title to any title.

You cannot, for example, transfer a Pokemon from Go into Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee or Pikachu.

Nintendo Announces Pokemon Home Details
Pokemen Let’s Go: Eevee

Nintendo as of yet has not released a full compatibility report so as of yet it is unclear exactly what Pokemon can be moved where.

What has been made clear though is the pricing and benefits that come with the Basic or Premium options.

The Pokemon Home Basic version which is free offers the following:

  • 30 Pokemon Cloud Storage
  • 3 Pokemon in Wonder Box
  • 1 Pokemon in GTS
  • Room Trade Participation

The paid Pokemon Home Premium version offers the following:

  • Pokemon Bank to Home Transfers
  • 6,000 Pokemon Storage
  • 10 Pokemon in Wonder Box
  • 3 Pokemon in GTS
  • Room Trade Hosting and Participation
  • Judging

Wonder Boxes allows trainers to trade Pokemon to other random trainers who don’t know what they are getting until they open the box.

Trade Rooms allow for the bidding of Pokemon between up to 20 trainers.

Home also comes with a Global Trade system that facilitates the selling of requested Pokemon to interested parties.

The new Judge feature will allow Trainers to view many stats of specific Pokemon.

Pokemon Home Judge Feature
Pokemon Home Judge Feature

It has been confirmed that Pokemon Home will also feature an extensive Pokedex system listing all details of specific Pokemon.

Most features will also be available via a mobile Pokemon Home companion app.

The Pokemon Home Premium prices are as follows:

  • 1 month subscription: $2.99/£2.69/€2.99
  • 3 month subscription: $4.99/£4.99/€4.99
  • 1 year subscription: $15.99/£14.39/€15.99

This may not seem like so much at first glance, but many gamers are up in arms since this is already on top of a Nintendo Online subscription which is mandatory for using the service.

Nintendo Online currently sits at around $15 to $18 per year, which to be fair pales in comparison to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live.


However, since many Nintendo products are aimed directly at children, this seems quite a lot for a kid to be paying in order to use online functions.

Since Nintendo is the publisher of Pokemon games anyway, it seems right that this feature should be included as part of a Nintendo Online subscription.

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Pokemon Home is scheduled for launch sometime in February this year.

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