Nintendo Insider Leaks Being Dealt With Harshly

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Users with hacked or stolen Nintendo insider information have been seeing strong legal action from the console manufacturer.

Reports have been confirmed that Nintendo has been plugging leaks in an increasingly aggressive manner.

The company has reportedly been “cracking down” on leakers of their secret developments.

It has been noted that Nintendo has even been working the F.B.I to combat leaks and bringing strong lawsuits to so-called “Insiders“.

Nintendo Insider Leaks Being Dealt With Harshly
Nintendo Kyoto Office

Some leakers are of course insiders as they either work for the company or have taken part in testing.

These leakers are dealt with using very specific terms when in breach of non-disclosure agreements.

In 2016 one Ryan Hernandez, a Nintendo developer leaked information about the 3DS and Wii consoles.

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Hernandez was issued with the usual cease and desist order, to which he did not comply.

Later, Hernandez actually stole Nintendo employee credentials using typical hacker ploys and exploits.

This led to him gaining access to Nintendo Switch details prior to release, which he subsequently leaked.

Nintendo Wii-U Console
Nintendo Wii-U Console

Hernandez was later arrested by the F.B.I and fined $250,000.

Other prominent leakers have included Twitter posters, Discord users and even an actual journalist.

It’s because of the multitude of leakers in the past few years that Nintendo is starting to fight back in order to retain their private property.

Nintendo has been noticeably pursuing leakers where the information has not been released for the public.

They do not take a stance against anyone publishing information from legitimate sources.

However, Nintendo has been coming down hardest on hackers who actively bypass Nintendo’s very strong digital security.

These hackers virtually break-in and steal items from Nintendo’s secure servers in order to distribute them across the web.

Some of these incidents include images of game characters being stolen, details of game mechanics and even copies of games as was the case with Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (E3)

All of this comes as Nintendo prepares to release some big titles this quarter.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons and E3 are due for presentation soon and Nintendo doesn’t want a repeat of last year’s E3 leak.

In 2019, a large portion of Nintendo’s E3 conference details were leaked on Twitter which resulted in cease and desist orders.

The problem with leaking, however, is that it is becoming very popular.

Large developers put out “teasers” which only serves to make the public hungry for more information.

There have been cases where a developer has been silent for a year after putting out teasers as was the case with Red Dead Redemption 2.

Warner Brothers Montreal has also been extremely coy with details of their rumored upcoming Batman game.

The publisher has posted cryptic images on their Twitter feed, photos of staff with Batman t-shirts and more recently an image of a Batman Beyond logo in their office elevator.

This is all well and good as part of a P.R campaign but they haven’t even confirmed that the game is in development yet.

Teased Batman Beyond Game
New Batman Game Tease

Most of the time there are strict non-publishing agreements between game developers and gaming magazines or online sites.

I fear that as long as developers and publishers continue to constantly tease fans with as little detail as possible then there will always be a need for leakers.

It appears that the gaming community doesn’t really care where the information comes from as long they get it and it’s accurate.

Nintendo continues to prosecute leakers to the fullest extent of the law.

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