Nintendo Retro Games No Longer Released Each Month

By | 17/09/2019
Nintendo Retro Games No Longer Released Each Month



Nintendo has surprised Switch Online customers by announcing Nintendo Retro Game are no longer to be released in line with a monthly schedule but they aren’t gone forever.

In a recent statement, Nintendo has confirmed that they will no longer be providing classic and retro games for free each month.

Each month, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers are usually treated to a classic game from the huge roster of NES and SNES titles but that is to be no more.

The decision not to provide a steady release of classic titles for Switch comes as a surprise since due to Nintendo’s lack of online gaming this has been one of the biggest attractions for subscribers of the service.

Super Mario Bros. Screenshot
Classic Games Such as Mario Bros. Will No Longer be Released Each Month

However, similar to PS Plus a Nintendo Switch Online subscription is required in order to participate online with friends in games such as Mario Kart.

Another online feature for the service is cloud saving, which alleviates concern over corrupt saves and also saves Switch users some hard disk space, although the Switch Online service isn’t free.

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Given the pricing which is the same as PS Plus subscription, users of the service don’t get a lot for their money and the back catalog of classic games is a huge attraction.

Initially providing NES games over a period of months, Nintendo also granted access to a mass of SNES games last month before announcing the end of the monthly retro games this week.

Perhaps this was the plan all along as the SNES games made available included massive games such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Star Fox and Super Metroid.

Starfox Screenshot
Star Fox is Part of the SNES Roster of Games Available for Switch

NES games included with a NOS subscription include such groundbreaking titles such as Metroid, Donkey Kong and of course Super Mario Bros.

Games like these are responsible for making Nintendo a household name and a legendary player in the video game market and providing access to them has been an excellent gift from Nintendo to its customers.

However, it could be argued that the reasoning behind halting access to the retro titles is that they already provide access to pretty much the best that Nintendo has to offer.

In addition, licensing for providing access to many of the titles that were not developed by Nintendo themselves is undoubtedly costing the company a lot of money.

While access to classic games won’t be arriving monthly, the company has stated however that games will still be given for free, just not on a regular basis.

Whatever the reasons, I urge anyone with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to download and play some of these amazing game that were it not for them, we may not have the great industry that we have today.

In other Nintendo news, in line with the recent wave of SNES games being made available, the classic SNES controller is now available for use with the Nintendo Switch when playing SNES games.

SNES Switch Controller
Official Nintendo Switch SNES Controllers Available for Subscribers

The controller is almost exactly the same as the original with the added ability to be wireless and is only available via Nintendo’s official site for Switch Online customers only.

Other key differences between the updated controller and the original are also USB charging capabilities and smaller ZL and ZR Buttons.

NES controllers are also available from Nintendo in packs of 2 for NOS customers only.

NES Switch Controller
Official Nintendo Switch NES Controllers Available for Subscribers

The NES controllers are also wireless and can be charged via USB cables.

Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions are available now for access to great multiplayer online play, exclusive offers on games and items as well as the vast roster of free classic and retro Nintendo games.

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