Nintendo Switch Fitness Games are on the Way

By | 09/09/2019
Nintendo Switch Fitness Games are on the Way



It appears that Nintendo Switch fitness games may be coming Switch as Nintendo uploads a teaser video for new gear that measures resistance and movement.

A recent video released by Nintendo appears to demonstrate a new fitness-based accessory for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers that could be coming soon for the console.

There are two components to the accessory, a ring and a strap, both of which utilize a Joy-Con controller each.

Nintendo Teases New Fitness Gear

From what is evident in the video, the ringed main component of the accessory appears to measure and/or register 3D space movement and pressure while providing a resistance-based style of play.

In addition to this, another strap accessory measures the movements in relation to the strap, like a receiver.

The video does not show any of the games that the new accessory is being used with, however from watching the film it appears that there are fitness and movement-based games similar to Wii Sport.

Playtesters in the video seem to be playing strength testing games, archery and stress positions as well as general relaxation.

While this is nothing new for Nintendo in general, it is the first official fitness range for the Nintendo Switch and judging by the gamers in the video, will be making fitness fun for even the most dedicated couch potato.

Wii Fit was launched in 2007 and became a worldwide phenomenon as it actively encouraged gamers to get off the sofa and partake in fitness exercised in a fun way with various mini-games.

The platform assisted users in Yoga, resistance training and aerobics as well as helping elderly players and those in need of physiotherapy.

Wii Sport was also launched and provided a way of getting gamers to move about more while playing genuinely fun games that included boxing, soccer and bowling.

Hopefully, the new fitness games will be just as fun as the original Wii versions.

Nothing more is known about this new accessory however more news has officially been scheduled for September 12.

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